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Anonymous 89832

God why am i so retarded

Anonymous 89863

You just have to eat one boiled egg per day and play one game of chess! I am now capable of crossing the road and not drooling when I'm talking!
We're definitely going to make it sis <3

Anonymous 89909

>incels and failed males would literally not exist if they were taught to suck 1 egg per day as a child

Anonymous 90028

I’ll start if it makes you feel better OP
>be me about a week ago
>go to Walmart for the first time in probably years
>see a young man of exceptional size
>involuntary say “chungus”
This has happened before too btw, this is just the most recent

Anonymous 90030


this happened to me too
>be me
>be summer 2018
>for some reason the word fat in spanish was really funny to me at the time
>see fat foreigner walking near me
>say out loud "wow that man is so gordito !!!"
>he was spanish

Anonymous 90063

jajajaja pendejo

Anonymous 90072

Lol Wojaks and greentexts are mainstream at this point but I’m pretty sure a lot of us were/are 4channers. That’s how I found this place
>moid confirmed!
Nah, I just had a really brutal femcel/pickme phase 2016-2018.

Anonymous 90109

Huh? How?

Anonymous 90112

Goddammit I just said gordito out loud it's hilarious

Anonymous 90116

Reported for being male

Anonymous 90381

Reported for being a gringo

Anonymous 90471


I like this thread because I relate to it

Anonymous 92107

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