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Anonymous 90170

When we'll get incel concentration camps?

I'm getting tired of netstalking.

Anonymous 90171


One day we'll it whould be fucking over, i hope.

Anonymous 90175

Microplastics will hormonally castrate men.

Anonymous 90186

That's hot

Anonymous 90188

Thank fuck. Seems to coincide with the decrease in violent crime as well.

Anonymous 90189

God I can't wait for them to be crammed into a little shed to die

Anonymous 90192

If there's one thing I've learned from MtFs, castrating men does not work. They are still hyperviolent, hypersexual, misogynistic pests.
Lobotomies are the only solution.

Anonymous 90198

I think they're coming soon. A lot of incels are unable to be helped by therapy so there's nothing left to do with them. Maybe going prison gay in there will help them with their issue.

Anonymous 90207

Not concentration camps, that’s too mean.
I’m thinking nice facilities where they can be in a pleasant yet familiar environment away from the public and women in general. A porn-free intranet with its own imageboards for them to troll each other on, group therapy, supervised outside time, etc. Like a really nice psych ward that they can never leave.

Anonymous 90208

As long as couples keep having kids, they'll keep spawning.

Anonymous 90220

Anon when our rulers start getting rid of those they consider subhuman, they’ll kill you, too. Do you not understand that?

Anonymous 90244

As long as you're a female there's a high chance that you're not sub human. Most of us have things like empathy and intelligence, y'know, traits if being a human

Anonymous 90251


I wish we got such things.

Anonymous 90526

your source doesnt point that out at all, any other sources? Interesting proposition though

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