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Anonymous 90741

Lesbian anons, how are we celebrating the dreaded pride month?

Anonymous 90784

i wish i could meet girls i hate men so violently much

Anonymous 90802

pic related is so cute
nah, i dont really care about my sexuality that much

Anonymous 90804


exactly this. i cant identify with the community at all or at least the younger(est?) generation. their experiences are entirely alien to me its like we're different species of lesbian
also i couldnt celebrate anyway even if i cared about pride because i live in a muslim country LOL

Anonymous 90819


Has been detached from the trannycult for a long while now. I don't associate myself with the rainbow anymore, so I don't celebrate the pride shitshow.

Anonymous 90820

What's happening in this pic?

Anonymous 90824

Do lesbians even still exist? It seems everyone is some flavour of bi, other made up sexuality or ftm trannie nowadays

Anonymous 90826

Lesbians have been saying that for decades lol don't give those morons credit for reinventing the wheel.

Anonymous 90827


OP here, not adding to the typical terfposting responses. I am pretty annoyed with pride month. I stay off of social media for the duration of it (so no “neopronouns” “pansexual” discourse for me) but I am celebrating as it has now been a year since I realized I was a lesbian after a lifetime of questioning. May as well take advantage of the moment for me. God bless us all for being this community’s backbone.
This summarizes how I feel too. I feel no connection to other gay people my age. It’s like we have nothing in common. I tend to avoid them & any speak of sexuality online.

Anonymous 90828

burned twans flag

Anonymous 90844

I don't feel pride. I've never connected to any other lesbian. I feel like an alien all the time.

Anonymous 91059

I don't connect with internet lesbians because I basically have all the typical sjw stacy beliefs. But I don't connect with sjw lesbians in person. There's no winning for me.

Anonymous 91085

yea womanhating rebbit doesn't really appreciate "sjw stacies"

Anonymous 91136

By violently terfposting on tumblr lol. So that tranny scum couldnt sleep in peace

Anonymous 91137

You are actually proud of this shit? For reals? ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

Anonymous 91145

Quit posting emojis.

Anonymous 91150

Not a lesbian or anything but was the comunity allways like this? Is just a political thing?

Anonymous 91159

quit getting mad at little drawn faces

Anonymous 91160

This is based as fuck dont let the twitter tards and their emojis stop you

Anonymous 91175

Most of us literally do not give a fuck anymore

Anonymous 91214

now that’s cringe

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