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bruh Anonymous 90858

why is one of my friends a "nonbinary" that wants to go by they/them when she is clearly a girl and constantly identified as one

Anonymous 90860

Isn’t that like most non-binary people?

Anonymous 90861

from my experience a lot of women seem to be under the impression that if they identify as nonbinary they'll stop being seen as a woman or they won't have to deal with the way society treats us with the rampant misogyny that women go through. unfortunately doing this doesn't change anything at all. it also seems to be that a lot identify with the nonbinary label don't connect or see themselves in the expected stereotypical view of what a woman is, but the thing is almost no woman does or struggles trying to meet that standard

Anonymous 90920

Girls who don't want to be cis because "cis bad cos don know suffer always wroooong" choose non binary because it's being LGBT without the effort. A lot of shitty personalities do it to escape criticism. Demi Lovato got called out for slandering a business for no reason so she came out as non binary to change the narrative from "Demi is a cunt" to "Demi is stunning brave queer kween"

Anonymous 90950

Yes, it's this. Makes you immune to criticism and it's also a fast and easy way to be showered with attention and validation for nothing. It also gives you authority to police other people's language and thoughts, so it satisfies a little narc's power hunger.

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