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Hey god Anonymous 91018

So it dawned on me that we’re all one person. Thanks for everything and everyone.

Anonymous 91019

stop doing DMT, you're going to go crazy eventually

Anonymous 91024


I'm glad to be here with you anon, we're more connected than we think.

Anonymous 91032

>we’re all one person
If we’re all one person, you’re me. If you’re me, then you’re a fucking LOSER haha get fucked

Anonymous 91039


Theres gotta be winners for there to be losers. If you love being a loser or having a winner to love… then I’m the winner.

Good vs evil is all BDSM and true love.

Anonymous 91071

Reminds me of this video

Anonymous 91081

Quit watching my show.

Anonymous 91098

law of attraction?

Anonymous 91125

No, were not. A person is 'a human being regarded as an individual'. You could say that were all part of the same thing, that were similar, that were connected or whatever hippie shit youre into, but it still wouldnt make any sense to say that were all one person. It would be like saying all grains of sand are one grain of sand.

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