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Anonymous 91156

Why are lesbian dating apps filled with trannies and complete uggos? I feel like for every genuine lesbian, there are 10 trannies and 50 neon haired bisexual polyamorists. Why are they infesting lesbian spaces and making it impossible for actual lesbians to find partners? We're already minority enough as it is.

Anonymous 91158


Pic related is unironically real except replace tomboys with lesbians. Young lesbians are discouraged from identifying as such because trannies will fucking hound them so they go for some niche identity like pan or enby. Also overexposure to porn and toxic hellsites like Tumblr at a young age

Anonymous 91166

I don't know why you think they wouldn't. From the beginning the LGB community has been closely linked to the T. Communities that include LGB inevitably support the T as well.

Anonymous 91168

this is a lie.

Anonymous 91174

It is literally in the name, LGBT

Anonymous 91198

The trannies are pornsick and identify as lesbian to fulfill their cumbrained fantasies. The younger generation of actual lesbians are discouraged from identifying as lesbian, in their schools being a lesbian is considered gross and uncool whereas becoming a TIF is cool and gives them more social status. I believe Abigail Shrier mentioned this in her book.

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