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Anonymous 91453

I am scared of the dentist. I know they enjoy seeing me in pain. My teeth are so sensitive. I'm terrified. I have to go to the dentist soon. Help…

Anonymous 91456

No I'm scared and i hate dentists.

Anonymous 91469

im scared of the dentist too, maybe ask for laughing gas?

Anonymous 91538

can't you ask for anesthesia?

Anonymous 91546


Each time I ask it doesn't do anything.

Anonymous 91554

As someone who did like 5+ years of orthodontics: it’s okay. Dental hygiene is über important and they don’t want to see you in pain. Orthodontists though…well, that’s their job.
I know that people can be scared of the dentist. You can tell the dentist that you get severe anxiety and have tooth sensitivity. Ask them for something. They will provide. Tooth health is literally that important.

Anonymous 91555

anesthesia doesn’t work? How is that? They don’t put you completely under?

Anonymous 91751

I love going to dentist

I get asmr tingles whem they rest their hands on my cheeks while poking my teeth.

Anonymous 91758

look for sedative dentistry/sedative dentists, they specialize in people like us. they'll give you benzos or other sedatives (just for the visit, not like a full script) where other dentists def will not. been there before. sedative dentists are becoming very common.

Anonymous 91768


I have no idea why it doesn't work. I'm not a doctor, I still end up feeling pain that's all I can say.

Anonymous 91789

Make a big whiny deal out of it and they'll either give you something that works or send you to someone who can. I started crying at the dentist once as a teenager because they cut my lip with the sharp tool and they made me go to a different practice that didn't like to torture me.

Anonymous 91790

ew i hate the feeling of soft gloved fingers on my teeth makes me fucking gag just thinking about it good luck op

Anonymous 91791

do heroin right before going in

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