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Uuuuhmm Anonymous 91618

Is it just me or are boys becoming more spiteful? And also they look like girls now to me like it’s a glitch in the matrix.

I also feel like there’s a strange infinite contempt that I’ll see in the corner of their eyes if I talk about politics. I’m left wing but it wasn’t like this until Israel started killing kids.

Anonymous 91619

There is indeed a divide being created between men and women. Boys are more spiteful, but so are we. That's why I try to not over-generalize and get to know people on a personal basis before judging them. Probably naive of me.

Anonymous 91620

To the moids' credit, anyone that isnt political is sick and tired of political talk these days.

Anonymous 91625

>And also they look like girls now to me
Same. Even skinny guys have moobs now. Gross. Wtf are they putting in the water.

Anonymous 91630


Israel ruined everything. There is a miasma of souls being slaughtered. For lack of a better word “basic bitches” and “lefty girls” can’t survive in this world. All their energy sources are gone.
If they don’t discard their soul and find a new one they’ll just be mindless cattle for the men they harmed most.

Tldr: I’m a nerd and I’m feeling like I’m sitting pretty though. The normies of 2 years ago are not though.

Anonymous 91636


Anonymous 91637

I don't know why, but men trying to become women is so repulsive.
What's the solution?

Anonymous 91643


what the fuck have we done

Anonymous 91652

>tfw you will never have a bf without boobs

Anonymous 91657

Hmmm…there's a certain group of people famous for grooming kids and moids into cutting themselves and posting it to their pedocord servers, buying estrogen, trans surgeries … I can't remember the name though. Might start with a t.

Anonymous 91660

Do I like men with boobs?
How do I know?
My last bf had tits like a 13 year old
I put up with that shit for far too long

Anonymous 91670


I kinda like guys with pot bellies and tits if their face is 100% androgynous

Anonymous 91678

You have a fetish for pregnant women

Anonymous 91687

Plastics break down into compounds that mimic estrogen. Not in a conspiratorial "they're trying turn the fricking frogs gay" kinda way, but in a "oh my god pollution literally changes the sex of tadpoles, we need to reduce our dependence on plastics" kind of way. It's a big problem.

Anonymous 91689

More like tranamie

Anonymous 91690

If by "anime" you mean "in the midst of a dramatic fertility crisis"

Anonymous 91781

bout estrogen:
estrogen is responsible for the "masculinization" of moid brain, autism epidemia (the link between womb estrogenic overdose and autism is way stronger than with "t overdose") and moid pornsickness (estrogen increases moid libido). well it also can make moids fatter (more "feminine" forms, because women generally have higher percentage of body fat), and fat moids are statistically more likely to father boys lol. in everything else estrogen just intensifies male patterns (of behaviour), like thats the reason why they are so horrible today :///

Anonymous 91783

*in other words, not in everything else

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