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Anonymous 91621

I've noticed a lot of… unusual posts to /b/ the last few days. Not unusual in a raid way but like unusual in a schizo spamming kind of way

Anonymous 91633

I'm okay with the influx of new topics but some of the topics are certainly strange…

Anonymous 91639

Dont get me wrong, I ADORE when the board is more active than usual or is drawing in new regular posters.

But some of these topics are a bit "tinfoily". Which I actually kind of like because I see bizarreness as a novelty, but it can be heard to distinguish eccentric posts from raid posts at times

Anonymous 91644

report them to the mods

Anonymous 91663

It’s Kiki Kannibal

Anonymous 91672

The Kiki Kannibal sperg exposure was the funniest shit ever


Anon, have you see the posts? They're spamming shit

Anonymous 91676

Society has just changed.

Anonymous 91697

Usually I welcome the scizhos with open arms but the spam is getting annoying. Maybe they or just she as I suspect the fedposter it’s only one person could get a containment thread on /x/ and in turn get traffic to board that isn’t /b/ or /feels/ for once but idk I’m not a mod

Anonymous 91745

what can I discern is somebody appears to be rather bored

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