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No. Anonymous 91686

This won’t be accepted.

Anonymous 91714

i dont understand why we don't just kill them. oh, a small handful of people are fucking up life for hundreds of millions of people? we had better sit here and cry…
like for real, Rome had a civil war over sports teams. come the fuck on everyone.

Anonymous 91724

There is more than a handful of people involved… like in that particular case, that company is supposedly moving onward from just owning actual solid residential structures and is expanding big time into trailer parks. Which means that in addition to all those rent nightmares we hear so much about, now the same kind of squeeze is going to be felt by people living in little sardine cans which themselves depreciate like cars. And there's whatever sort of new special tricks they'll be able to pull now that there won't be the same option to escape them by moving from an appartment to a trailer.

Well anyway, the point is, in theory that should mean there will be considerable extra money-opportunities around trailer-manuracture, so kickbacks do get distributed to just enough people to make prospects very shaky.

Anonymous 91729

basically it's the katamari damacy of capitalism. one super rich capital group starts using that capital to form a capital monopoly and put everyone in the nation under their financial hegemony. the more capital assets they buy the richer they get and the more equity they have to buy more assets and get more rich to have more equity to buy more assets… the end result is serfdom.

if we can shoot a king I think we can shoot a group of bankers.

Anonymous 91737

Turns out we will literally eat the bugs

Anonymous 91740


Actually GMO is super powerful. It can make food free. Maybe I’ll just have to be the one to advance GMO foods and become a trillionare.

No one deserves to eat what they don’t love.
Food is infinitely glorious.

Anonymous 91909

You will own nothing and you'll be happy.

Anonymous 91922

What is with the sudden influx of Chinese shills here in the past week? Seriously creepy.

Anonymous 91924

I think it's literally one Chinese girl who hates jews is off her meds and keeps going on about ~infinite progress of humanity~ or something

Anonymous 91928


If you think there’s only one Chinese person upset about the lack of progress then go outside. It seems like the US government is ignoring problems and keeping the status quo for the rich. And it’s supporting cults bombing populated cities. Do you ever think about how good things could be instead of accepting them as they are? If I was in hell I’d turn it into heaven one step at a time. Even if I was the devil itself.

Also why label people by their race? Don’t do that ever.

Anonymous 91931

i want to be her friend if true.

Anonymous 91951

Thank you for confirming her post, now please go.

Anonymous 91961

Me too.
Glorification of degeneracy is evil and it has got to stop.

Anonymous 91966

I think it's just one person and she doesn't even sound Chinese tbh. Think about it, why would she post in perfect English to an English-speaking board?

Anonymous 91998

It's pretty obvious you're just a Sinophile weirdo who's never been to China but whatever, more posters can't hurt and your lies are entertaining at least.

Anonymous 92003


A sinophile? Is that a new racist Israeli schizo race-cultist term to get people to hate China?

I love China.
And I love the rot of your cult.

Anonymous 92004


It's a term for people that love trigonometry

Anonymous 92020

>complains about "hell on earth" and how unimaginably bad the mongols were
>supports an evil regime that kills minorities to harvest and sell their organs and is hell bent on annexing Taiwan
Beautiful. I expected nothing less from a China shill.

Anonymous 92026


I think you should read about how bad it was, mr.Israeli city-sized death-camp warden. Israel is doing the same thing to those Palestinian semites except more and worse.

I hate whats happening to those people in China. Our government is some non-ideological fat-cat mafia fucks that just want to keep power and fuck around. They’re only in power because of the stability they’ve maintained. Which is more stability than we’ve had in 500 years.

I will happily see them shot and I push that to happen. I hope you can say the same about your own government or I don’t see you as much different from the likes of my government. Whose crimes you compassionately addressed.

Anonymous 92028


Also we’re not ever attacking Taiwan. That’s just posturing to keep Chinese citizens suppressed.

Like how North Korea threatens to attack the south when it would be suicide and would leave only a burnt Korea with no Koreans. Support Taiwan but don’t buy into the media monopolies claims of war in the most peaceful time ever. That’s just because Israel is causing harm and they’re trying to not look like the worst entity on earth.

Anonymous 92030

Isreal is bombing civilians and claiming Palestinian territory they have no right to while also playing the victim, and they admitted that in the 90s they took organs from dead Israelis and Palestinians without their families' permission, but they have nowhere near the gigantic mechanized organ harvesting industry China has set up.

Anonymous 92031

>Isreal is bombing civilians and claiming Palestinian territory they have no right to

Every government has the right to whatever territory it can hold. Get over it.

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