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Anonymous 91753

How 2 cope with death? Kinda ruins everything for me knowing that i'm just gonna die later.

Anonymous 91754

anon, you're not dead right now, so let this be your cure, haha

Anonymous 91771


Thinking about death makes me appreciate life much more. Make your life matter while it's still there!

Anonymous 91775

Carpe diem

Anonymous 91777

based, i think exactly the same

Anonymous 91793

Just wageslave for 50 years and then die lmao it's that easy haha

Anonymous 91797

I mean. I have my coping mechanism which is how I am able to function at all. I get made fun of for it like oh you’re a tradthot for being religious or whatever but not like that. it’s more like I really can’t function with the existential dread of being without it.
Not trying to convert you or whatever like other anons might accuse on this board or how other anons actually might try to convert you. I’m not even gonna tell you what religion I am.
All of this is to say you have to find something that makes life worth it.
Whether that is a philosophy or religion (don’t go insane tho) or even just an outlook on life. It has to make you okay with your mortality. We fear what we don’t know. But we can rise to meet it with open arms if we choose.

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