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Anonymous 91867

>movie about a Karen named Karen
>harasses her new black neighbours

I miss when the American public got to be the ones that made movies. There hasn’t been a good American movie in like a decade.

Anonymous 91869

I just seen the trailer for this today. Apparently it's a product of BET (no idea if they're popular on not in the USA I'm a Eurofag) and people are already rolling their eyes over how retarded the premise is. They couldn't have picked a worse way to make a horror movie with themes of racism or whatever the fuck is going on

Anonymous 91876

The Karen meme is sexist and racist and also classist.

Anonymous 91881

Schizophrenia and antisemitism. Name a more iconic duo.

Anonymous 91885

It makes me feel bad for girls named Karen. I always thought it was a sweet name, it sounds like 'caring'.

Anonymous 91903

Boondocks posting time

Anonymous 91926


Won't somebody think of the poor rich people?!?

Anonymous 91930

I think it's classist against the suburban middle class. Not the rich. The rich consider themselves above 'Karens'.

Anonymous 91932

You should be expecting to be told that that's a slightly freakish conception of classism.

Even in the classic classism nightmare, Kulaks were a bit further down, if not a flat-out broader, more flexible categorization.

Anonymous 91935

Americans are the enemy of mankind

Anonymous 91940


Googled it, can't get through the first minute of the trailer. Clear racist drek, visually looks low quality too.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 91959

Moved to >>>/media/19609.

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