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Anonymous 91946

One more day until the UFO files are made public. How do you feel about it?

Anonymous 91952


It probably won’t tell me what I don’t already suspect/think.

So I’m going to bake a cake and finish laundry or do something useful

Anonymous 91967

This looks like my couch but where's my cat?

Anonymous 91972


>falling for obvious psyop

Anonymous 91973


That's a moid word, ban incoming

Anonymous 91974

That would mean youre replying to a moid, youre getting banned too :/

Anonymous 91975

That's fine, I'll just keep lurking if it means one less moid on the board

Anonymous 92045


Anonymous 92215

>we just don't know
Wow, what a disappointing pile of shit that was.

Anonymous 92220

This. The unidentified flying objects are unidentified. Wow

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