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Anonymous 92013

Do any of you still use lolcow? I used to browse a lot but the non drama boards are slow as fuck and the entire userbase is really petty. The mod team is really nitpicky and I feel like every couple posts gets red texted. I get a need for moderation but theirs feels obnoxious at times

Anonymous 92017

I don't understand how someone can go to lolcow for /ot/. The place is very hostile and worse than 4chan, you can't have normal discussions there, unless you want to bait and watch them infighting. I use the drama boards though, to keep up with a few cows, and they're more fun bc we're all focused on the cow instead of being petty towards each other.

Anonymous 92019

I've literally used lolcow for 3 or 4 years now? I'm amazed the outside impression that it's a really petty and hostile place, but you know maybe it's cause I was in the thick of it I hadn't noticed.
They got a new admin and "she" does whatever "she" wants, including making changes and bans for things the majority of the userbase says they don't want. So now I am looking around for other places to talk anonymously.

Anonymous 92021

maybe my issue is with the new admin then, bans seem to be handed out like candy. the catalog is also impossible to use. it's an image board but is run so strictly

it's kind of funny the amount of infighting that happens even within a vent thread

Anonymous 92023

You have a point, I've gotten banned like 3 or 4 times in the past month, whereas before it was at least a year or two between bans. Maybe it really is the new admin and team. I was reading the complaints thread and "she" says "she" only has 3 people helping "her" with server stuff. I really don't get what they're trying to do. Elevate lolcow by being more strict? It's a e-gossip site, what clientele are you trying to attract? Just do what the userbase want or don't be admin or make your own site. No one is happy in this scenario.

Anonymous 92024


How would you design the best image board with the most freedom yet still that necessary minimal moderation?

I hate Reddit so much too.

I hate that mods on 4chan are biased to make it just what they like. It doesn’t help that I don’t like their personalities.

Anonymous 92027

>more hostile than 4ch
how the fuck can it be more hostile when 4ch is chock full of racism and scrotes

Anonymous 92034


I only used it for drama and continue to do so. /ot/ scares me so I don’t post but I’ve lurked from time to time whenever I get tired of my fav cows.
Eh I see what anon means by this. If you’re desensitized to slurs and gore, 4chan is sort of unremarkable but the general cattiness on lolcow, especially if you’re really looking for support in a /vent/ thread or something, can break you. Emotions are weird like that.

Anonymous 92035


It brought me a fair few luls, I learned things, I connected, I browsed gossip, and it wasn't so politically correct- which was just refreshing, even if I don't agree with the views some hold.

However, it was time consuming and had new content upon every new refresh, which to some is a benefit. The worst thing, however, was that I noticed I judged people more. The bitterness rubbed off on me. I would be more critical of people's clothes, words, of myself too.

Now I'm banned for a dumb reason, I seethe slightly, but I have the gift of retrospect, and can see that it was good to have some distance from that site. And they are obnoxious, the ban happy mods. Mods here are more lenient, but I guess it's smaller. And the users can be unpleasant on lolcow.

TL;DR, lolcow is great in moderated doses

Anonymous 92051

The non drama boards are slow, but this site is even slower.
It's the only place I can sperg about my husbandos that one week of the month that I get all horny, so I still browse.

Anonymous 92053

Wait is the new admin a fucking tranny? That explains so much. No wonder lolcow has gone to shit.

Anonymous 92054

I've been going there less and less. No offence to anyone who's still active but it feels like the entire boards age/IQ has collectively dropped since I first started using it a few years ago. It feels like the average user is about 18 or even underage now.

Anonymous 92059


idk I've been using lc for awhile and I always found it way less disturbing than 4chan. too many scrotes who are fixated on pornsickness, race and other shit that made discussion unpleasant on 4ch

lc is far from the worst place I have been. maybe I'm visiting the wrong 4ch boards? I was never a /cgl/fag or a regular of the other more female dominated spaces. I post there sometimes but in general rarely because 4ch depresses me way more than lc ever could. I've been in discord servers and on forum sites barring just 4chan that have been way nastier than lc has ever been. It's not to say they can't be nasty, but it's that I've seen far worse hostility. In a lot of places I've been in that arent ib's that were hostile the lack of anonymity made things worse, so I actually like ib's better for that reason. Even if your post is replied to with a nasty comment you can scroll past it and you don't really know who's directing it at you like you'd know someones identity more easily on discord or a forum for example. With 4ch I think the only reason I find it to be so nasty is because of the overhaul of racism and sexism and the fact that it's dominated by moids who are way nastier than the women of lc, at least in my opinion, who'll be additionally hostile if they find out you're a woman

Anonymous 92163

either tranny or male, some farmers did analysis and the admins posts are very sympathetic towards trannies and males, even more so than the most battered handmaiden pickme would be.

Anonymous 92164

Well people are finding out about the site from TikTok and Twitter. I'm just glad this place hasn't been found by most of them.

Anonymous 92167

i don't think she's a tranny, just a liar with a vendetta. my biggest issue with her is the fact that she is so serially dishonest.

Anonymous 92173

I'm surprised no one here mentions lainchan. What is up with that .. from what I've seen.. most chan boards are cesspits and expecting to have a decent time on them as a female stinks of codependency.

I dont really frequent lainchan, but the few times I visited I was shocked by how different it was from other boards.

Anonymous 92197

lainchan birthed an actual cult

Anonymous 92201

I liked lainchan before the arisuchan split, then I found arisuchan more comfy. It seemed to have a smaller community with more niche intesrests. Unfortunately it died. Lainchan now is a bit too slow and repetitive.
Are you talking about the Tsuki/SystemSpace thing?

Anonymous 102799

Long live Systemspace. It shall live forever.

Anonymous 102959

Yeah but I mostly just use /g/.

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