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/tg/ – Tumblr General Tublrette 92253

/tg/ – Tumblr General

This happens to be the newest addition to the continuum of bot threads on crystal.cafe, Tumblr General (/tg/)

In case you haven’t heard of /tg/ before, this is the thread to post tumblr related topics on crystal.cafe. I hoped we could keep this a safespace for all relevant topics and transgender rights. <<333 xoxo !!!

Topics such as:
>secret tumblrs
>the legend of korra

pic related

Every night at 8:00 P.M. EST, after Pim and momsy stop fighting

Anonymous 92313


They banned good suicide content all the way back when they banned good self harm content. You're only allowed to post boring recovery narratives now.

Anonymous 92349

But I don't support transgender.

Anonymous 92358

You cannot openly discuss these topics really anywhere aside from 4chan and of course you need to be fairly headstrong or a long time IB user to understand why people will be so mean to you. I was on some mental health forum earlier in this year and posted something about self harm and the mods edited the majority of my post as it was triggering.

Tymblr as with everywhere seems to have no good place to discuss suicide or self harm and sanctioned suicide is full of reddit people.

Anonymous 92361

no thanks

Anonymous 92487


I miss causing chaos via anon asks

Anonymous 92659


>transgender rights

Anonymous 92661


>transgender rights

Anonymous 179605

I still use tumblr, but I don't follow political shit and block all that. Just wanna see funnie cartoons

Anonymous 179608

I wonder how tumblr’s culture will change after what’s going on with twitter

Anonymous 179652


Anonymous 179662

Anonymous 181619


Your opinions on Goncharov craze?

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