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Insecurity and Transpareny Anonymous 92907

I'm not sure if this should go in feels or hb instead, if that's the case I'm sorry. Maybe this is a dumb concern but I have dark hyperpigmented scars and some active acne all over my back from the waist up. I have managed to hide it from my boyfriend for a while. I told him I had some acne scarring at the beginning of our relationship but now I'm feeling wrong about hiding it and not telling the full extent of it. It also just weighs on my mind, feeling constantly on edge trying to hide it and freaking out when my back might be visible. I also have not let him see me for more than 2 minutes without makeup lol. I know I am stupid and insecure for all this. Should I reveal my problem? Him finding out accidentally scares the shit outta me but doing it with the purpose of exposing myself feels like it might be cringey too.

Anonymous 92912

It’s not a dumb concern anon. I used to refuse to leave the house without makeup and was extremely insecure because I had cystic acne and scarring. Think of it this way: if he’s the type to be repulsed by your scars and not love you anymore because of them, is he really the man you want to be with anyway?
I think you should tell him about it. I’m sure if he’s a decent guy, he won’t mind it at all. Just message him something like “Hey, this might sound weird, but I have scarring on my back that I’m pretty insecure about. I worry that you’ll find it unattractive or judge me for it. Could you please reassure me?”

Anonymous 92928

Ok this is secretly what I've always wanted to do, thank you anon. Now I only need to find the courage…

Anonymous 92948

I understand. It's nerve-wracking. With my first bf, it was a similar situation where he almost never saw me without makeup. How long have you known each other?

Anonymous 93293

Known each other a little over a year. Dated for about 5 or 6 months.

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