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Anonymous 92950

hi s. what are some good ways to make side money? i already have a job but the pay isn't that good and its part-time and i don't want to add on another day right now.

no onlyfans or uber stuff please (i can't drive..!)

i was thinking of thrifting and selling some stuff, but is there anything i could do that im missing out on? or even something online? i've heard about selling feet photos or writing erotica however i have no idea where to start with that. i've even considered asmr without my face…

Anonymous 92977

Do you live in the city, suburbs, or country? Cause I go dumpster diving and then sell all my shit on ebay.

Anonymous 92980

some old person would call the cops if i did that here

Anonymous 92983

Sell plasma

Anonymous 92995

if you have old clothing or clothing you don't fit anymore + house hold items/accessories etc. you can sell them on poshmark. i bought a nice kate spade wallet off of there

Anonymous 96777


Anonymous 96784

Consider Twitch streaming. You don't have to show your face, a female voice is enough for some creepos. If you do well enough to reach affiliate level you can get some cute emotes for your channel, and sometimes people will sub to a channel they don't even watch to get access to the cute emotes.

If you're already considering feet pics, think of Twitch streaming as a slightly less extreme step in the same direction. Your voice doesn't have to be particularly sexy, so long as they don't think you're a man you'll get a few followers.

I don't know if Twitch TOS allows you to aim a webcam at your feet when you play. If it does, you can dual class that shit

Anonymous 96795

lol i think i heard of a girl doing this and she kept the cash. it was like 4k or something.

Anonymous 96801

Day trade crypto. Lot of money to be made from chumps cashing in on dinkdoink

Anonymous 96808

If you don't mind being seen as a scumbag and have the capital you can become a scalper.

Anonymous 96895


>uber stuff please (i can't drive..!)
That's a bit dangerous and if you ever take this path, you seriously would need to consider ways to get self-defense skills and/or drive only during daylight.
>i was thinking of thrifting and selling some stuff
Primarily, sell your shtuff you no longer want before attempting this. Do not become one of those people who hoard shit on their homes.
>selling feet photos
Unless you literally have tiny feet, no; for I heard about some shit that the reason why footfags exist is because of the the relation of women's levels of estrogen during puberty or so with tiny feet(?).
>writing erotica
Sure, you can always self-publish, but you will have to market the hell out of it.
Alternatively, if you have a degree already, you could always contact a publisher and sell clean romance and market it here or something.
>i've even considered asmr without my face
Similar thing with selling feet pics; do you have a feminine voice?

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