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I like to smell mascara Anonymous 93394

it smells so gorgeous. even though i dont use it for makeup (because i look disgusting in it and long eyelashes are generally a masculine feature), i still buy it just to enjoy its aroma (if you dont use it its scent stays for long - about 1 year for sure). sometimes i lick it too. does anyone else have this sort of obsession?
pic related is one of my favorites (btw imho clinique and colored mascara have the worst smell of all)

Anonymous 93411

Lick it? Ew dude That can’t be healthy

Anonymous 93416

Is this a PICA thing? I've heard similar things from people who have PICA.

I like the smell of petrol. Whenever I walk past a petrol station, I take a huge wiff even though it makes me look insane

Anonymous 93530

I don't mind the smell but I'm also not going out of my way to take a whiff when I'm filling up my car. I do loooove smelling mascara. I was always smelling my Better Than Sex sample. Have not had the urge to lick it and don't plan to.

Anonymous 93535


I don't like mascara smell, it makes me sneeze. But I love nail polish smell and once sniffed it until I almost passed out haha.

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