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Anonymous 93549

Why does it seem like most people here are from 3rd world countries?

Anonymous 93552

>Define first world

Anonymous 93556

>he lives in a country that hasn’t banned unequal lobby group funding.

Anonymous 93561

they aren't they're just skitzos

Anonymous 93564

I am from a 5th world country.

Anonymous 93568

I'm from a first world country in Europe. Given that everyone else on the internet always magically seems to be from the USA, I automatically assume that most people on any chan boards are burgerfags. I don't quite consider the USA a first world country. It is by definition but from observing it as an outsider it seems like less than first world despite all it has. Maybe it's the rampant poverty

Anonymous 93570

Yo I’m from the US and been to multiple states in the US. I’ve also been to many different countries in the world and lived abroad.

The US is a first world country depending on where you live. Sometimes even in the same city.

There are inner city ghettos and homeless camps that look like third world countries. There are some Indian reservations that are like third world countries. There are some poor rural areas that are like third world countries.

Anonymous 93578


Anonymous 93579

Because you are delusional thats why. There recently was a thread about languages, some people told about their nationality here, most were from europe like france.

Anonymous 93588

The US keeps revising the three worlds theory since if they referred to any factual composite index they'd find themselves far below many of the Eastern bloc countries that their propaganda machine considers poor unequal shitholes.

Anonymous 93592

Ayrt. I'm from Western Europe, about as far west as you can go, so things are very developed in my country. It's also a very small country so I guess it's very easy for us to maintain a certain standard of living.

I've seen places in America that actually look worse than some of the things you see in a bad part of Eastern Europe. American "we are the mostest bestest uwu" propaganda is the worst when you consider half their country lives in poverty, doing well means living pay check to paycheck, people would rather die in accidents because a hospital bill can ruin their whole life, and the kids have to starve if one if their parents suddenly needs regular medication.

America is only a first world country if you're a billionaire or if you're a European who needs a playground for their week long vacation

Anonymous 93593


It does seem like there are more sand people here than usual proportion.

Anonymous 93595


Dang, sand people? Didn't know Tattooine natives use CC yo wassup my sand bitches click click click

Anonymous 93603

You tell me.

Anonymous 93643

More desperate for reprieve from moid-centred sites.

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