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Anonymous 93583

What projects/crafts/art/creative things have you made lately? It can be anything.

Anonymous 93584


OP here: I’ll go first.

I’m trying to finish these knitted socks.

I’m starting on the long version of this skirt but I finished the short version. I really like this pattern.

I'm tired of the schizoposting lol

Anonymous 93608


I made a mobilée with colourful origami fishes

Anonymous 93619

Oh nice! I think an origami crane mobileé with no less than a hundred origami cranes would be dreamy

Anonymous 93625

I collect plants and a huge part of this is creating terrariums. I'm planning to build a basic aquatic plant terrarium pretty soon, I just need to get my hands on the right shit

Anonymous 93630

I finished building a shed and bought some shelves, but I hate how they look and how their depth is slightly greater than the clearance on either side of the rolling door. I decided to build my own set and managed to find some IKEA furniture at the dump that had drawers that fit perfectly between the shelves. After I carved them up and inserted my nice lovely little drawer organisers on alternating sides, I had two and some bits left over, so I took the wheels off a pair of old office chairs left on the curb and attached them to each cabinet as casters, then inserted a tin pull-uut worksurface between them, using one of the remaining drawer rail pairs, and fixed an old countertop to make a rolling workbench. I can lock it into position and stand to do hard work, or sit on a third office chair and use the pull-out surface for fine detailed work. Now I just need to find some neodymium magnets and nice wooden bowls to insert into the pull-out so I have some built-in gubbins holders.

Anonymous 93635


I got into mycology and am growing my own (gourmet/edible, non-psychedelic) mushrooms. It's fun and rewarding (and delicious)

Anonymous 93636


after harvest
Anon I want to build a terrarium for my mushrooms too. Want to show some pics?

Anonymous 93683

that's so cool

thank you. I actually low-key hate how it turned out though. It's a bit old and I reassembled it after a transport where it got tangled and then hidden away. It's a bit messy. I wanna keep it because I feel it's too good to throw away or hide away in a cupboard but maybe I will. Or I'll keep the sticks I used and remake the fishes and change the dangling length. The dangling length is really short because I wanted to keep it from ever possibly getting tangled again.

Something else I made were little vases for dry flowers. I used some cardboard and then wrapped cast wraps around it and painted the inside white. then I went out and cut some thistles and grass to put inside. I wanna sow some pretty dry flowers eventually, too, and add them to the collection.

Anonymous 93700


I want to make a giant terrarium so badly.

Oh I wish I could build that’s so cool


Could you perhaps redo it? Like keep the sticks and fish and add more perhaps?

Oh put dried flowers under bell jars like the Victorians did!

Anonymous 93730

That's really cool!!

How do you separate the spores and take them from one place to another? It baffles me. I would love to do what you do but have no idea how it's done,

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