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Anonymous 94052

Everyone on 4chan and here etc seem to think everyone is one person.

It’s on par with people being afraid of “gang-stalking”. It’s absurd to think that 70% of threads on all boards on all image boards are one person.

Anonymous 94054

>It’s on par with people being afraid of “gang-stalking"
speaking from experience?

Anonymous 94064

Nta but lolcow lol. I remember last time I went I got harassed by a psycho anon who swore she seen other posts of mine and that she knows my typing style… It was the first post I made there in years. I wasn't infighting or starting anything either. I also feel like this mentality could be why so many people deny issues and claim everything is niche.

Anonymous 94067

Most people dont think that, take your meds lol

Anonymous 94070

I have never had that happen on lc or here and I've been crossposting a lot kek

Anonymous 94072

nta but that definitely happens a lot on lolcow and they're ruthless. they literally will go thread to thread and keep up the accusations for days. sometimes they're right, sometimes not, but they definitely get a bug up their butt about it and think a lot of ppl are the same which is more strange than it is here because their userbase is so much bigger. can't comment on 4chan as i've not been there in like a decade but people must be straight retarded on there to make such accusations when their userbase is enormous

Anonymous 94089

The more you protest you're not the person they think you are, the more sure they become. Then they add it to their extensive experience of being right

Anonymous 94090

I quit 4chan and other boards because I am o sure the mods or someone is stalking me in threads. I can post any thread and all of a sudden someone says oddly specific things that apply to me or threaten me.

I think ganstalking is obviously silly but I know people are stalking me on the internet.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 94121

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