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Anonymous 94096

i hate it when brits or ppl trying to talk like brits say shit like "summat" are you a fucking bridge troll describing your next leg of mutton or human meat to devour you fucking asshole

Anonymous 94100

what is OP trying to communicate to us?

Anonymous 94103

I genuinely think Scottish people have some form of learning disability because there is absolutely no reason to tweet/text in your own accent. What the fuck is all that about? You read a post from a Scottish person and it might as well be written in fucking Japanese

Anonymous 94107

yes, their speech and accents are annoying and unattractive, but i find brits to be especially catty and judgmental. that's the real problem with them. the straight men are on par w the gays.

Anonymous 94111

Where are you from, out of curiosity?

Anonymous 94133


I’m screenshotting these and sending to my Br*tish “friend” for the keks. Thanks anonymi

Anonymous 94140

Believe it or not there's no such thing as "talking like a brit", what you're describing is a very specific quirk in one regional dialect/accent

Anonymous 94141

That's cause its not actually an accent, the Scots just developed their own bizarro version of the English language like the muricans

Anonymous 94148


Believe it or not I've had people from different countries tell me that Ireland and Scotland have similar accents. I know why they think this, but they're totally wrong. From having travelled to Scotland to visit friends I can tell you that there are people who are utterly impossible to understand when they speak to me but this is very rare. The accent isn't too strange to hear, its specifically the retarded texting that bothers me

Anonymous 94151

Australians are worse

Anonymous 94264

Maybe it's only because they're far more numerous but reading American slang on social media ticks me off worse, Scots are just funny to me. It's the worst when Americans claim yeet/drip/swag/yasss slayyyy etc aren't American slang but "internet speak", this shit is entirely your fault.

God I wish I had a Br*tish "friend" to abuse

Anonymous 94265

I'm not American and it didn't even dawn on me that those are American slang. I think we can agree it's the worst

Anonymous 94309

all of that is american slang but it's still better than a lot of british slang. yas and slay are gay culture slang though idk how exclusive that is to americans.

Anonymous 96977


>there's no such thing as "talking like a brit", what you're describing is a very specific quirk in one regional dialect/accent
>one regional dialect/accent
sooooo British?

Anonymous 97134

Weird take but I can accept and adapt to dialects of English pretty well and I respect the cultural drift that creates them. There are lots of interesting linguistic creoles and I appreciate that I can communicate with so many different types of English speakers. I have trouble with other languages, but if it's just janky English I'm fine.

However the British can still go fuck themselves for general reasons.

Anonymous 97141

>one minor british dialect does something
>all british dialects do this thing

Anonymous 97145

'Summat' is more conservative/original than 'something'. It seems to be contraction of 'somewhat'. Which does mean 'something'. It's indefinite nonhuman. Present 'somewhat' is a narrower meaning derived from this. Other dialectal examples are nowt (nothing) and owt (anything). Both older and standard in the original language.

>Dialectal pronunciation of naught. Akin to German nichts.

>From Old English āuht, āuhtes; see aught.

Anonymous 97197


>ew ew british people
~non brit who's never visited but is jumping on the anglophobia bandwagon

it's all so tiresome

Anonymous 97594

Is hating Brits the newest trend? I'm seeing it everywhere lately

Anonymous 97597

Irishfag here. No, no. They're right to be disgusted with British people lmao

Anonymous 97599

>Irishfag here.

Anonymous 97603

I'm going to ask how that makes me a moid and I better hear "I think everyone from Ireland is male" because that's the least retarded answer you can possibly give me

Anonymous 97604

there was an irish guy posting here relentlessly

Anonymous 97606

The only other Irish post in this thread is >>94148 and that is literally my post from a few days ago? Theres a few more talking to eachother in the /hb/ thread about abscesses, what's your point?

Anonymous 97607

Why would a woman call herself "Irishfag"? You're obviously a moid who didn't check his language before posting

Anonymous 97609

i didn't accuse you, idk, i was guessing that's why they assumed that, but apparently their reasoning is even more stupid.

Anonymous 97613

You realise "(country)fag" is a common way of referring to your nationality on any imageboard, right? Peak autism is gatekeeping fucking phrases

Are we talking about the moid who kept posting with weird slightly fetishy pictures of women and kept accusing cc of being a ring of people conspiring against him?

Anonymous 97614

>Are we talking about the moid who kept posting with weird slightly fetishy pictures of women and kept accusing cc of being a ring of people conspiring against him?
yes, elizabeth hurley and then pictures of exclusively blonde girls in schoolgirl outfits. he was also very religious and kept making religious posts and threads

Anonymous 97620

He's a spanner but hes not the only Irishfag bouncing around cc. Christ, I'm glad to see the back of him.

Anyway fuck England, that time they fucked us over and banned us from speaking our own language was bang out of order, and everyone hates what they did to all the other colonies so idk why some people are surprised that a lot of countries despise them

Anonymous 97695

It's a little sad to hear that, although maybe that makes you happy lol. We felt hurt too when the IRA killed a five year old with a car bomb around the corner from where my Dad lived. And abusing their own women when they suspected them of being allied to the English. I am against forcing people to live a certain way, and believe a lot of others I know are too. Plus, in colonial times, the majority of English people were poor/farmers/working for pennies in factories. My mum's family was in ireland in those times, and she's irish herself, and my dad's family were either farmers in england or in southern germany. The rich have always shat all over the place and left the poor to clean it up. And then send the poors to fight each other to make their laws, draw their borders, make their rule. It's been that way for a long time.

I don't like lumping people together like that, and things are better now. My mum's irish, I went to school with irish kids, and there are many irish people living here and getting good jobs here. I don't want to hold grudges, because la haine attire la haine, yk? Maybe you get identity from this hatred, maybe you still genuinely feel it.

I'm sorry if you feel like your country has been unfairly changed. If you want to hold onto your hatred, your grudges, im not going to try to reason with you, although i understand your feelings. But I won't apologise for being English either, or hate myself so meekly.

saging because i think im getting off topic and this is a specific and difficult conversation.

Anonymous 97780

>I hate it when brits
>talk like brits

Anonymous 97785


>i hate […] brits […]

Anonymous 97789


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