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Anonymous 94229

Things you would still eat

Anonymous 94242

at least two of those are stool softeners

Anonymous 94284

>anon is a stool softener afficionado
Rec a stool softener for constipated miners.

Anonymous 94286

ntayrt but I just use the cheap Walmart kind that costs about $5 and take three of them

Anonymous 94589

I got some mellon that tastes kind of like a combination of cantaloupe and watermellon. I don't even eat watermellon normally, or other mellons much, so I felt damn stupid about having picked that up, especially since it was actually kind of huge which I hadn't fully noticed.

Oh yeah, and it also tasted partly like goddamn cucumber! And I understand this kind of thing is what mellons generally tend to be like. Ick! But it's non-processed fruit, so, yeah, I'll decide on ways to eat my share of it.

I'll also eat turkey in basically any form gladly. I just can't wrap my head around why they have to be so big on just selling those beasts whole all the time, unlike mellons they have their refrigeration demands.

Anonymous 94590

That melon sounds so good, what was it?

Anonymous 94602

Hami. Another one that's showed up alongside it is "Korean golden mellon", I'm actually somewhat endeared to it because it's different by not being watermellon-like, flavorwise it's mostly Cantaloupe-ish, and unusually for a mellon, it's quite small.

Anonymous 94707

where did you order it/get it from? i have no clue where i'd order specialty chinese melons.

Anonymous 94715

If these are USA pills then blue and red are easy swallow generic Tylenol, the pink are generic diphenhydramine, the yellow and red round look like Perrigo brand acetaminophen, blue and white round is Acetaminophen/diphenhydramine combo, and I swear the orange is Ibuprofen.

Anonymous 94728

"Specialty Chinese produce"? That's almost a contradiction in terms for me!

It's hard to say, it's not a noticible pattern effect like how the big abmiguous Chinese supermarket-department store has the best tea selection.

On the other hand, I can't recall ever having seen key limes on any shelves,

Anonymous 94730

It's not really different, it's still mostly seasonal, the fruit just tend to be less desert-ish.

Anonymous 94742

never seen 'hami' in my grocery stores, maybe you just get a wider selection than we do. but we do get key limes. i'd rather have cool melons though…

Anonymous 94925

I used to be constipated and am not so much anymore. Here is what I do.
When I read on the floor I sometimes kneel in kind of a fetal position. Basically laying on my stomach with my knees tucked up under me. When I do this I have to poop within 15 minutes every time. I found this by accident.
When I started drinking coffee daily it cleared up all my constipation problems honestly
If all else fails go to the health food store and buy some herbal pills called cascara sagrada. Take BEFORE BED and plan to be near a toilet all day the next day. Good fortune anon

Anonymous 95195

I tend to mostly mess with food in meaning-to-be-useful kind of ways, so mellons are a bit odd to me. So… I'm inclined to treat them like radishes - using them while removing milk because they release liquid when broken down.

But I seem to have a decent amount of produce available in general. Except for presentation getting fussed over, that kind of gets pathetic, along with such places being expesive.

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