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Anonymous 94275

ITT we pretend it's the 00s and we're logging into MSN messenger

Anonymous 94277

logs in and out repeatedly hoping my person of interest notices and messages me

Anonymous 94279

notices you but doesn't say anything
is playing neopets

Anonymous 94281


notice me senpai

Anonymous 94287

I like alll my shorts to be a little too shorty
Unlike alll my guys, I like them tall with money

Anonymous 94301

plays on whatever tf that old kellog's minigame site was

Anonymous 94307


Hello???? You there?

Anonymous 94310


Hey guyz~☆☆☆♡♡♡♡ :3 did anyone hear the new BOTDF song? Rawr XD hahaha meow lulz opens Invader Zim backpack and pulls out Skelemals plush owo hahaha

Anonymous 94326

maaan as soon as 2006 was over it's like you never heard of HIM again

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