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Anonymous 95029

can we please get an audio general?

i am so fucking lonely recently and I've been resorting to boyfriend audios to replace my lack of bf,

who is everyone's favorites?

i like really deep/raspy voices. [don't say fucking corpse]

here are my top 3.

1. /u/youaresoofucked [reddit]
2. cardlinaudio [youtube/reddit]
3. professorcal [patreon/reddit]

anyone please have anymore that are like these 3?

Anonymous 95031

that first one is sooo unbearable, but all of them are difficult to listen to. how much do you guys think these men are making? this is so cringy but it's super interesting to see what you guys are into. wonder why more onlyfans girls don't go into this kind of thing. is the niche that oversaturated?

Anonymous 95036

Really? I liked his stuff a lot, did you listen to the sfw or nsfw stuff

Anonymous 95039

does anyone have anything saved from notwhorosethinks

Anonymous 95053

i listened to the sfw but i just listened to the nsfw and i couldn't possibly be more uncomfortable. also not into the raspy deep voiced dom thing. not to judge but it is nearing corpse status or POV tiktoks w the cringe. i still just want to know if these men are making bank off this. the acting is not believable and i wouldn't want to be spoken to the way these men speak.

Anonymous 95054

they all seem financially successful in it. one doesn't use patreon and seems the most successful in other things. the other two use patreon very successfully.

Anonymous 95323

oh they definitely are

Anonymous 95335


(sorry the retarded question but i have no idea where else i would ask it) does audio porn actually count as porn, i know most moids who listen to it are already regular porn users so they listen to cringe fetish shit but otherwise is it harmful?

Anonymous 95669

I have a bookmarked folder full of audio because porn is unironically my favorite background noise. Here's my list, they're all on Reddit:

nostromo92, f_stop_fitzgerald, nowhere_eternity, drosterhagen, lustful_crunch, rum_n-coke, musicandwhispers, notsosilentstranger, different_grapefruit

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 99750

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