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Anonymous 95092

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous 95094

I think is somebody quite obviously validation seeking so I'd still class them as somebody "struggling with body image", so it's fine in my eyes

Anonymous 95095

But is it right do it in a space where she knows people are trying to destroy the standard that she perfectly fits? She could get the same validation from posting literally anywhere else because she already looks like that. It just seems like narcissism to me

Anonymous 95097

Not OP but I think that more than validation she is looking for simple attention, she seems quite confident.

Anonymous 95098

Figured body positivity was for all bodies not just one specific type

Depends on culture I suppose. She looks ill

Anonymous 95099

And if she thinks she is going to find validation rather than anger amongst people tagging body positive she's being kind of delusional, unless she literally wants them to seethe (which is what I believe).

Anonymous 95101

She's right though. Dieting will just make you lose weight, not give you better weight distribution.

Anonymous 95102

posting your body online in general is just ego stroking. a movement around that is pathetic.

>societies idea of a perfect woman

except she's not. only to fatties obsessed with attacking skinny people. pure projection that she gets a kick out of. if you don't want to be a model, her body is not a positive. and why would you want such a degrading job, especially when you are ugly and fat, except because you fetishise the concept of others thinking you look good?

Anonymous 95103

She looks like the type who has an eating disorder. Back when I had anorexia I used to tell people "this is just how I naturally look" when I was eating 200 calories a day. There's a difference between being skinny and being underweight.

Anonymous 95106

Never mind. I looked her up and she appears to be 6 feet tall. Taller women tend to be skinnier because they can eat more and not gain as much weight as a womanlet like myself.

Anonymous 95109

i think all people posting their bodies online for validation and/or attention are pretty sad regardless of whether they are fat or skinny but infighting amongst bodyposters about which one of them is allowed to get validation from whom has to be some of the saddest shit ive seen

Anonymous 95113

While this is true, she could have expressed this in a million different ways that weren't her showing off her perfect (by beauty standards) body in a tag for ripping that kind of thing down

We're sad for sharing opinions on someone being obnoxious? I'm not so sure. The point wasn't that she shouldn't be allowed to be body positive. The point was that she isn't actually being positive shes just using the tag to show her body off to people she already knows consider her to be the image of "perfection" according to certain beauty standards.

She has strategically done her outfit to show her waist and her thigh gap. She knows what she is doing and that's why it's wrong. Shes not body posi

Anonymous 95115


>just be urself lol

Anonymous 95116

yeah i definitely dont think she even cares about anything relating to body positivity but she must've gotten a lot of comments about her body so she's just humblebragging because it gets her more engagement and posting about nice things like body positivity must make her feel better about herself

its funny and sad to me because it seems really snowflakey to get offended at this as if only marginalized people are allowed to post under the body positivity tag, like isnt the entire point to normalize them existing along with this "beauty standard"? how are you going do that if you want to create a place that screams 'this is just for uglies, only uglies are allowed to be here because no one likes them but they're perfect and society needs to be fixed, also so-called hot people are not allowed here because they're privledged and are being assholes to uglies by telling them they're pretty while being a hot person themselves" its fucking ridiculous

Anonymous 95117

Well shes either looking for attention and an ego boost, which would be dumb and cringe or shes getting a kick out of triggering the fatties, which is evil but based. Maybe a little bit of both, which would be dumb, evil and crinbased.

Anonymous 95119

The problem with that is that there are plenty of women who look just like her if not even more ideal to the beauty standard who actually do give a damn about body positivity and post to the tags regularly. Body positivity is for people who actually care about body positivity, and someone who cares about body positivity can look like anything. She should absolutely be allowed to be body positive. But she should not be allowed to use body positivity to stroke her ego when she clearly doesn't give a damn about it.

People who do fit the beauty standard that actually care about body positivity are self aware. They know they fit the standard but they actually promote good body image. They don't just "aha, guys, lets be body positive! I'm perfect because I have the perfect genetics. You can't attain perfection if you dont have my amazing genetics. Look at my great body, I know a lot of you ask for tips to look like me, but you can't have this because I look like this genetically. Look at me put my feet together and have my thighs still be apart, I have worn an outfit specifically to show you that you can't look perfect like me. Just be happy even though you cant be perfect just like me guys, body posi!"

That to me isn't someone who should be preaching positivity. Even if she said she struggled with beauty standards, that would be like someone who just cut their fingernails going to an amputee support group. She doesn't struggle like a lot of women. She knows she doesn't struggle or else she wouldn't say "my looks are genetics this can not be acheived any other way", she knows people would kill to look like her, so she picked the easiest possible form of dragging in validation and was instead rejected when people rightfully called her out for being a twat

Anonymous 95120

No shes just cringe

Anonymous 95130

I do not wish to be outraged on behalf of a movement that just enables narc fatties to circlejerk & have 0 accountability from themselves.

>that would be like someone who just cut their fingernails going to an amputee support group

lmao that is an outrageous comparison. Amputees can't grow their legs back. Fat people can lose weight.

Anonymous 95134

Exactly, it is outrageous, because people who cut their fingernails have nothing wrong with them and dont struggle with losing those clippings. If she is genetically "perfect" then she doesn't struggle with the beauty standard and it's incredibly easy for her to just look like that. Even if she gained a few she would be perfect. Its ridiculous for her to post to body posi tags as if she has had any struggle with beauty standards

Anonymous 95154

dick move to post your conventionally attractive self all over a tag meant to uplift people who feel genuinely down about their appearance. she's obviously very confident, not "looking for validation and insecure", look at how she's posing

Anonymous 95156

disagree, i think it's good to be subversive (within reason, not 500 lb people talking up how diets are damaging), but it's good to highlight the spectrum of appearance. girl above's post is not subversive or helpful to anyone but herself. sure, it can be attention whore-y, but all social media posting kind of literally is.

Anonymous 95160

She looks like a Michael Turner drawing. Pretty annoying stunt whatever she's doing.

Anonymous 95168

Shes not looking for validation. Her post is a response to people asking for tips on how to look like her and shes saying nobody can attain her beauty because its genetics. Shes just being a cock about it

Anonymous 95169

that's what i'm saying. first post itt is someone saying she's "looking for validation" or that she might be insecure, so she's "ill" as well and justified in posting in these communities. she's definitely not. she just wants to be an asshole and brag to insecure, likely depressed people that they can never be like her. really gross behavior.

Anonymous 95170

> i think all people posting their bodies online for validation and/or attention are pretty sad
This. I’m done with body positivity. We need some body neutrality.
Seriously, posting online about your “fat” or “midsize” body is just as obnoxious as what she’s doing.

Also when did crystal.cafe become /ot/ lol

Anonymous 95173

>Seriously, posting online about your “fat” or “midsize” body is just as obnoxious as what she’s doing.
it's not though? maybe on a personal level it is "as obnoxious", but look at the bigger picture. people expressing that different looking people should and can be confident, or should and can be popular, is way different from someone who would and does already receive heaps of praise for their conventionally attractive figure hijacking communities meant to express that it's good to be positive about your body even if you're less conventional. the difference is that less conventionally attractive people would need to seek out these communities to receive positive affirmation, while she could go ANYWHERE and receive praise and popularity.

Anonymous 95182


Anonymous 95205

And do tell, anon, on what category does that woman belong? You can post about obese women in the community but at the end of the day you know that body posi is not a place for that woman to brag about her body. Shes worse than the obese girls because she fits the beauty standard

Anonymous 95222

Just find attractive parents and be born to them.

Anonymous 95239


Anonymous 95241


Anonymous 95242


Anonymous 95246

She's hot but no one gets fit from genetics alone. Women like this who refuse to give other women workouts or diet advice under the delusion of body positivity just seem petty and like they want to be "the best" woman unlike the Beckie's they just told to love themselves and not put in effort for their body

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 95247

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