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Anonymous 95226

What do you do to feel pretty?

I know I can look pretty, but I think feeling pretty might be better for me since I believe that the mental aspect of feeling good about myself is more important than just putting it on.

Some evenings I do a simple sudocrem facemask and out some oil in my hair. That makes me feel better about my appearance than putting on makeup or getting dressed up, likely because I've pampered myself.

Idk if this is weird but there are some specific albums that make me feel pretty when I listen to them

Anonymous 95227

When you stop trying to look pretty things get better

Anonymous 95232

Sudocrem is amazing. I like taking some time to just make my skin and body feel nice, the most relaxing thing I like doing is scalp massages for my hair (can't tell if it actually does a damn thing though)
I fell down the youtube skincare rabbithole during the era the must not be named and Dr. Dray really makes me want to get my shit together so I too someday can have the kind of soothing beige life she presents

What kind of oil do you use OP?

this is fully true and if you could bottle and sell the sentiment I'd add a few drops to my sudocrem no questions asked

Anonymous 95233

My hair is ass length so I use generic olive oil. I can buy large bottles of it anywhere for cheap. Works wonders! I have soft healthy hair. The trick is to put a shower cap on for that greenhouse effect, really gets it into the hair

Anonymous 95251


lol wear full-on traditional underwear. Slip/Pettipants. Long line bra. Old school briefs. Girdle/corset. Garter belt. Hose. All beige. Idgaf if no one else sees it. It makes me feel so beautiful.

Anonymous 95266


Skincare, yoga, brushing my hair, wearing a sundress instead of my typical cropped leggings or jean shorts. Basically anything that I used to consider “silly” or “too girly” as a pickme virgin.
There’s something very “pretty” about doing stuff for yourself that your past self wouldn’t consider themselves worthy of imo.

Anonymous 95267

well said anon

Anonymous 95279


Can’t stress how true and important this is.

Anonymous 95281

i wish i could escape the corset already but it's still quite hard, i really want to reach this point where i don't care about looking pretty

Anonymous 95304

I'd love to get a hold of some proper vintage traditional underwear. Beige isn't my colour, I figure I'd look better in white. When I was younger I was the the type of goth/alt girl who had a weird obsession with Kreepshow666 style 50s goth shit and vintage undergarments have been on my wish list ever since

Anonymous 95363


I collected mine over the course of a couple of years.
Here are some of my favorite sites for you. I’ve bought from all of them and they are top notch service and quality.

https://www.whatkatiedid.com/ - the most expensive but this is where I bought my corset from and cincher with removable garters. I’m going to buy a normal garter belt from here soon. Believe it or not the garter belt is a decent price (and is actually functional at keeping your thigh high hose up). Oh and if you’re US based https://us.whatkatiedid.com/

https://www.herroom.com/ - I buy my longline bra, briefs, slips, pettipants, hose here. The best price hands down. They have (mostly) everything and every price point.

I’m looking to save up for these soon:
https://www.sheertex.com/ - pricey but better for the environment because they never rip!

https://www.mysticcitycorsets.com/shop/mcc21-brocade-mesh-underbust-corset/ - a mesh corset for when it gets a bit warm outside.

And here’s just a website you might like:


Anonymous 95385

I do a few things.

- buy a really nice smelling salt scrub and go at myself top to bottom, tip to toe.
- moisturize with a really nice body butter, I usually go for chia butter.
- go for a haircut and ask them to layer my hair and use some products.
- Buy myself a new dress and shoes

Anonymous 95414


when my hideous square face is nicely hidden from view with a mask or well done hairstyle. also I felt pretty sometimes when I was skinnier….now I can't look at my body in the mirror without instant feeling of shame heh

Anonymous 95471

What kind of longlines do you get? I really wanted the rago 2202 but i read you shouldnt get it if youre short waisted. they discontinued the 2201 though :(

Anonymous 95531

Anonymous 95760

resonate with you, mask and sunglasses have been staples as of late until i can unfuck my appearance haha

Anonymous 96339

honestly, i cry
i feel the prettiest when i do ( glistening eyes and deep red blush thats natural and crimson red lips )

Anonymous 96390

Argyle socks.

That's it.

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