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Anonymous 95344

my face is so masculine and ugly and people think i'm a fucking troon because of it :(

Anonymous 95346

I don't want to be a man.

Anonymous 95348

You will be a troon, not a man.

Anonymous 95365

Just find yourself a bisexual man. He will love every part of you.

Anonymous 95367

Why do you consider your fave to be masculine?

Anonymous 95371


Sit the fuck down. She should never troon out because of how she looks.
Stfu she shouldn’t settle for a bisexual man either.

Anonymous 95377

So what should she do, die a femcel?

Anonymous 95379


> my face is so masculine and ugly and people think i'm a fucking troon because of it :(

I’ve seen lots of men with women who’s faces are not traditionally feminine. I’ve seen men with women who are not beauty queens in the slightest.
It doesn’t matter
Beauty is on the inside.
Looks fade.
I know it may be the focal point up until your like 25 but then you mature and you realize there is more to life than perusing superficial things like looks or even caring what others find sexually attractive.
You’ll find someone. It’ll be okay.

Anonymous 95381

Don't let it get you down anon. A lot of guys don't really care about that. Even square jawed women manage to get cute boyfriends as moids comes in all shapes, sizes and preferences.

Anonymous 95383


No she should focus on herself and not force things. Don’t become bitter. Keep an open heart but not a pickme. Maybe a makeover just to see if it may boost her confidence if she has low self esteem but not for sex appeal.

Anonymous 95384

Those reaction images are plain annoying

Anonymous 95387

And you’re annoying telling her to troon out and/or settle for a bisexual man. Fucking gross

Anonymous 95390

And you're telling her to have an open heart surgery in >>95383

Anonymous 95398


Don't troon out, anon. Try to find happiness in yourself and that garbage. You can also look into different hairstyles that'll frame your face differently, hair can change so much and not require much effort.

Annoying gifs or not, anon is right. As long as you don't become obsessive over your appearance and don't go to extreme lengths or out of your way, getting into beauty for advice and tips can help.

Anonymous 95413


Trooning out is worst case scenario, don't listen to those idiots. Find someone who will love you for who you are, and if no one wants to be with you cuz of masculine face, are they really worth pursuing? Shallow bastards who only care about looks don't deserve you.

Anonymous 95415

Unironically come to India there are simps willing to date every tier of women here.

Anonymous 95421


so real people or real crazies on the internet that label women as troon-looking randomly??? in that case don't fucking listen to them

Anonymous 95433

Wow the site was taken over by retards, I'm leaving.

Anonymous 95438

I'll tell you what helped me a lot: kibbe body type videos.
It's basically a guide on the best ways to dress up your bone structure (face included).
I used to mimic the style of delicate girls, and definitely felt like a tranny in those clothes and hair. It was only when I learned to enhance and harmonize the elements with my bone structure that I started being happy in my style. YouTubers like Aly Art and Merriam Style are gold for that.

Anonymous 95473


Some Heavenly adventures want a plot.

Besides the notion of heaven is that there is a hell.

You can also just accept that there is no hell and enjoy Eden on earth. IE do whatever.
All of you are god.
The god of gods.

Here’s a funny joke:
Did god create gods other half or did gods other half create god?

I’m here for all you and you’re all here for me.

Anonymous 95480

You’ll miracle up a million bucks.

You’re the only one that isn’t god only if you wish for that to be.
Besides what’s a million bucks if you’re god? What god needs a million bucks?
A god that thinks there’s limits or has kinks. Loves. Passion. A story they’d love to experience. A time line. An experience.

How juicy.

Have fun.

Anonymous 95490

there are "transvestigation" weirdos on youtube that pick apart natal women, mostly female celebrities, features to claim they're secretly transgender. which makes me think i'd definitely end up on some schizo's channel if i were famous.

Anonymous 95540

kibbe is crap and only works if your face mostly matches your body type tbh

Anonymous 95545

i hate this stupid larp cap and the stupid picture he posted with it.

Anonymous 95576

Same. I just look like a guy with long hair. I wish I could wear cute kawaii clothes but It doesnt suit my masculine face and broad shoulders. The worst part is that I’ll probably always be unlovable because of it

Anonymous 95599

If you have a masculine face and are worried about your appearance why don't you just start dressing more androgynous? cut your hair wear less fem stuff, a simple clean style is good too

Anonymous 95604


androgynous people look the best imo. such a great look, i'd love to be more androgynous.

Anonymous 98169

maybe you are :/

Anonymous 98235

no anon ur a cute tomboy, embrace it. very few do.

Anonymous 98749

It could just be that you're beautiful. Guys with tranny fetishes ask every woman they find hot if she's a troon.

Anonymous 98773

what's a pickme?

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