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Is Hannah Montana real? Anonymous 95513

In the Hannah Montana TV show, Miley is a girl who leads a double life as worlds biggest popstar Hannah Montana.

In real life, Miley was a girl who put on a disguise and performed as Hannah Montana. I mean the jig was up because her double life was exposed by the Disney show, but does mean Hannah Montana was technically real?

Anonymous 95516

been thinking a lot about hannah montana lately, op? she really wasn't famous before hannah montana outside of being billy ray cyrus's daughter (and how relevant does that really make a kid?), so kind of no?

Anonymous 95536

I was trying to explain her to a younger relative. I mentioned that she was a real performer who did concerts, but also had a Disney show, and my kid cousin asked "so is she real or fake?" and I've been thinking about it for a few hours

Anonymous 95543

Hannah was real but she was Miley's alter ego. I think Miley's first couple irl albums were released under the name Hannah Montana as well. (Before Party in the USA)

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