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Anonymous 95683

Anyone else here have the same troubles I do with bumble???
I have body picture and face pictures up, I filled out the profile requirements and all.
When I match with a guy they always unmatch me?? If I message them they unmatch, even if I don’t message them they’ll unmatch me 10 minutes after I matched with them.
What is this? I’m very autistic so I’m not spot on with the intricacies of online dating, is this a game or what?

Anonymous 95756

absolutely is a game tbh. online dating is an anomaly to me, since graduating college and being broken up with at my thesis show after 4 years, haven't a clue how to meet people. i don't wanna play around i just want to meet people

Anonymous 95759

No idea what your profile looks like but maybe they think you're a bot for some reason

Anonymous 95768

No idea what bumble is like (I’ve only used tinder) but I have a theory:
>moids swipe right on everything (this is known)
>get X matches
> “wow! X matches! Guess I’m hotter than I thought” moid thinks, retardedly
>cull their matches while they’re waiting on girl to message them (if you message first, you get pushed to the top and get dropped first)
Honestly really dumb for men to do but men are really dumb.

Anonymous 95811

lmfao tru yea

Anonymous 95872

>I’m very autistic so I’m not spot on with the intricacies of online dating
when did this get so backasswards?
online dating used to be basically exclusively for autists

Anonymous 95874

I'm pretty sure bumble is set up so that moids have to wait for you to message first.

Anonymous 95890

whats with body pic obsession dudes? they'll ask for body pics and then they're ghost if you send them but ghost if you don't
>inb4 you're fat and ugly
nope, this has happened to my attractive friends as well who have amazing bodies
is it negging or did they porn sick themselves into being gay or exclusively be able to get off to crack heads or hambeasts?

Anonymous 95908

Get off dating apps, they are poison for the mind

Anonymous 96291

Then what's the point of ghosting women with attractive bodies if they send what they're asking for?

Anonymous 97786

I use these apps because I want a friend but no one wants to be my friend so I get sad and delete them and then I get sad I have no friends and redownload them and then get sad no one wants to be my friend and delete them :,(

Anonymous 98045

Can you tell me if I’m the one that wrote the comment you just wrote?
I’m confused because your comment looks like something I say haha

Anonymous 98080

I've said this in another dating app thread but I've always wondered how I'd fair on these apps. I'm a typical NEET-like person, and would like to meet non-normies although I don't know what kind of men would use these apps.

Anonymous 98122

Dating apps is probably the only way to meet non-normies, being that it is online and you can do it without going outside. However all these apps have a flood of normies on them so you have to dig quite a bit.

Anonymous 98126

Tinder does a version of shadow banning if you do this. Swiping everything in whatever direction you are to swipe in order to get a match will make the system dredge only the lowest quality people as offers.

Anonymous 98127

Shotgun method in practice. Read your anti-PUA manual.

Anonymous 98134

Is there an app like this for finding friends?

Anonymous 103265

Bumble BFF, funnily enough. You can also look for friends on Tinder. It may be used mostly for dating, but some people on it are just looking to hang out.

Anonymous 103613

>using dating apps
bruh momento

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