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Anonymous 95797

Anyone ever have a pet they really wanted but never had a chance to get?

When I was younger I always wanted a pony. I was a major horse dork. Like you name it, I had it: fucking posters of horses all over my room, horse models, weekly horse riding lessons, horse magazines, the whole fucking lot.

Never got a horse. I live in the inner city and really just don't have the time or money for a pony. I'm hoping when I've gotten further in life I'll be able to acheive my dream of running a stable for rescue/retired horses

Anonymous 95809

A cat, my mom never liked cats very much.
>Never got a horse.
I'm hoping that you'll get one in the future anon.

Anonymous 96229


a monkey. i loved monkeys and was so obsessed with monkeys, i read books non-stop about monkeys. i used to spend time with my mom's friend that had a travelling menagerie and i used to spend lots of time babysitting her marmoset (pic related) and her pig. it was so beautiful and sooo unbelievably clever for such a wee thing. it's cruel to keep a monkey for a pet but they're just so amazing (i would never keep one in reality). as much as i loved the marmoset, i really wanted a squirrel monkey.

Anonymous 96230

I had a puppy for a couple weeks before it died of Parvo.

Anonymous 96241

Ducks rape.

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