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Anonymous 96097

What do you think about tattoos/tattooed people? Do you have one?

Anonymous 96098

i have 4, 2 are stick and pokes. i love them even though my first one is super ugly and feathered lol. definitely want more. they also all happened to be on the right side of my body, i didn't even think of it conciously.

Anonymous 96101

Tattoos can look very cool and I don't judge but I have to admit that I don't really understand why people want pictures in their skin

Anonymous 96102


I adore tattooes! I’d love to be COVERED in them but it’s hard to find a good artist as well as have enough money for a quality job. I have one tattoo that was a gift from my mom on my 18th birthday but the guy did a shit job and I guess he went too deep so the ink bled. It’s really annoying I’ll have to get it covered up sometime. Post cute tattooes pls.

Anonymous 96105

I have 3 tattoos and I'm planning on getting almost my entire body covered. I've spent my whole life enamored with body modifications

Anonymous 96107

Anyone else refuse to get tattoos and then end up self harming themselves leaving scars all over their arms etc lmao

I hear you can get a discount as an ex self harmer though

Anonymous 96108

I've seen some cover up work for self harm scars but I didn't know you could get a discount. Theres one I see circulating the internet sometimes of a hedgehog tattoo where the scars add texture to the spikes

Anonymous 96110

i love tattoos but i could never get them myself. i can't deal with getting a regrettable hair cut let alone potentially a tattoo i'd end up disliking. there's also unfortunately too much stigma against people with tattoos still. they look really good on people if they're good tattoos.

Anonymous 96115

I plan on getting some once I'm fit so I can look intimidating and give people less reason to approach me

Anonymous 96126

so many of the girls i know got tattoos on their 18th birthdays and im 100% sure most are going to regret getting one. with tattoos being trendy, tattoo removal is massively on the rise, which im not surprised about.
i like a very select few tattoos, but most do not age well or stretch out/ become ugly with wrinkles.

Anonymous 96131


i don't think so. i don't see a lot of people who regret getting their tattoos. but if you're of the personality type where you tend to regret a lot of stylistic choices or just things in general, tattoos are probably not for you. all of my friends with tattoos love their tattoos. even shitty random stick and pokes look good imo. the worst ones are the ones of like… tweetybird or betty boop or a horrendously drawn portrait or whatever the hell idubbbz and his wife keep doing to themselves with these horrific temporary tattoo stock looking pieces that do not match anything about them

Anonymous 96132

The combination of tattoos and a dress weirds me out. It looks uncanny or awkward most of the times. If any of you got pictures of a tattooed girl in a dress that you find pretty, please show

Anonymous 96133

To out myself, I have a tattoo of a hyena beheading a lioness.

Anonymous 96144


I don't like big tattoos or any tattoo that resembles something realistic or 3D. Now, minimalist/small tattoos can look very cute and it can have a meaning if you want
I'll never understand why someone wants a face like this >>96097 in their skin.

Anonymous 96148

Weird, I don't have or want tattoos, but I completely disagree with you. The little tattoos seem so out of place and tacky to me, whereas the big collages of different tattoos actually end up looking pretty ok to me.
Maybe I've just played too much Yakuza.

Anonymous 96150

why does your opinion of them lower if they have tattoos?

Anonymous 96160

If the tattoo has no cultural context and is just "pretty pictures but permanent", they're garbage. I'm okay with islander tattoos (the actual ones that have a narrative) and maybe celtic ones if anyone was still actually doing it properly. Otherwise, it's cringe to doodle on yourself. I can't understand using your body as a template for such things.

Anonymous 96206


During winter times I'm neutral towards them, during summer times I find them disgusting, I keep seeing so many tattoos that are plain retarded it's unreal. I swear 95% of people getting them have no sense of aesthetics whatsoever, tattoos aren't the problem it's the people getting them

Anonymous 96207

what tattoos do you particularly dislike?

Anonymous 96208

Pop culture, le 50s aesthetic womens and pets, and the general fad ones. But in general it just seems that most of the people who get tattoos just can't pull them off, there's a difference between a Maori or some Yakuza dude having tattoos and some pasty faced millennial with a scrawny beard and pot belly having those, it just looks ridiculous.

Anonymous 96210

I half agree with you. I like tattoos that make sense, are done well, and look good.


Anonymous 96219

I have one. It’s three beautiful koi fish on my lower back with cherry blossoms and water.
I reget it. I just wish I never got it. It’s not that it’s ugly. It’s still gorgeous and it’s over 15 years old.
It’s just that I wish I never got it. Idk
In a world that everyone gets tattoos, I just wish I didn’t have one. Eh. Whatever it’s nbd

Anonymous 96220

that sounds really pretty… it doesn't make your tattoo or you any less special because people have tattoos.

Anonymous 96221


What if you got a tattoo because you wanted to be more special

Anonymous 96250

Oh I don’t judge people that get tattoos at all.
I think I should have elaborated more. I promised both my grandmothers that I would never get a tattoo and I did. I still feel guilty about that.
I just idk regret it. It’s bizarre because it’s beautiful and still gorgeous but I can’t really explain it

Anonymous 96312


I don't get tattoos because they're expensive and useless, also don't see people who have tattoos very well. Most people who are less than 30 and have tattoos that I know are generally: dumb, childlike or superficial.

Anonymous 96313


Anonymous 96319

gluten free people are mostly full of shit and don't need to avoid gluten but why would you get an anti-gluten free tattoo? i get getting a pizza tattoo or lollipops or things you like that have no meaning otherwise, but that's just so weird lol

Anonymous 96324

Jesus Christ why

Anonymous 96325

Judging by the aesthetic of this image, this picture was like taken around 2014, back when liking pizza was a quirky alt girl "I'm different gimme dino nuggets" thing. It's also around the time when gluten free became the newest big trend so every normie girl was gluten free

The reason they got such a retard tattoo was because they had reyard intentions: "well, I'm not like other girls, only basic bitches eat salads, I eat pizza because I'm quirky and take grunge pics for my tumblr"

Anonymous 96333

I really don't understand tattoos like this. I get the motivation for stuff like a tattoo of your dead pug, I still think it's retarded as hell but I get where it is coming from.
But a fucking gluten free pizza slice? Are there really people who put images of random every day things on their skin just because they're kinda popular at the time?

Anonymous 96353

I don't like how tattoos look at all but I also don't judge people who get them. It's just something that makes people much less attractive in my eyes.

Anonymous 96356


I honestly can't think of a single thing that I would want to have permanently on my skin and I don't understand how other people can make that commitment so easily. I've seen like a handful of tattoos that I thought were really tasteful and well done, like 95% of them are not as artistically pleasing as a lot of you seem to think they are. It's still pretty normal to see them nowadays so I don't usually judge people with tattoos as long as I can see where they're coming from, but in a lot of cases you might as well just get "I MAKE BAD DECISIONS" tattooed across your forehead in block letters. The best example of this was when based JK Rowling came out as an ebul terve and all of the blue haired radiqueers started crytyping about how they need to get their Harry Potter tattoos removed now. Even when I was a kid I knew that interests and tastes can change quite frequently, so why get something tattooed that you might not like later? It's common sense, no?

Tribal tattoos that have cultural or spiritual significance are exempt from this rant of course.

Anonymous 96359

Tattoos look ugly because the high quality color ones are too expensive and take occasional touchups and most people don't go all the way to keep them pretty. Even the plain black ink always turns a gross faded gray green. I give people a pass on the actual authentic cultural ones and the family ones (babies names and birthdays, stuff like that) and that's it.

Anonymous 96381

I fucking hate tattoos so much its honestly unreal

Anonymous 96387

I regret my tattoo.
Don't really find it ugly, it's just meaningless. I think I looked at the design for two seconds before deciding I would tattoo it. Now it's just a reminder of the meaningless and empty parts of my personality, and makes me sad.
But honestly i'd do it again but with hate symbols on hidden parts of the body, just to feel a bit edgier

Anonymous 96391

I think most people look awful with tats. It honestly only looks good when its very well done and the person is fully covered with them because at least thats a coherent look. very small things on your back or leg or whatever just make you look cheap and trashy

Anonymous 96459

>gross faded gray green
I've had some pathology and forensics courses and sometimes parts of decomposing corpses can get colors liek that, whenever I see one of those faded out tattoos I now associate it with gangrenous and decomposing body parts

Anonymous 96607


I am shocked people hate tattooes so much. I don’t understand why you’d look down on someone for having them unless it’s something utterly tasteless.

Anonymous 96672

>unless it’s something utterly tasteless.
A good bunch of them are

Anonymous 96676

I find them absolutely disgusting and bizarre, only a savage would permanently paint his own body.

Anonymous 96702

Literally incel-tier opinions on tattoos. Unreasonably upset and judgmental about them. You guys must be super fun to be around.

Anonymous 96707

I have no tattoos, thanks.

Anonymous 96734

>I don't like it, so it must be an incel
Also, I won't deny the judgmental part, but not all of them would fit "upset".

Anonymous 96736

I was not calling them incels. Their opinions are incel-tier, because things like >>96676 are how incels speak about tattoos. Very different.

Anonymous 96737

That's obviously a troll.

Anonymous 96740

I dunno, anon. There's some pretty potent autistic distaste and anger on here for mostly innocuous behaviors or traits. Check the feels board.

Anonymous 96741


>>96702>what is your opinion on x
>I think x is ugly
>noooo literally incel tier thinking

Anonymous 96744

>I fucking hate tattoos so much it's honestly unreal
That (from >>96381) isn't a bit weirdly aggressive about them?

Anonymous 96825


Two cousins of mine have the smoothest pale skin I've ever seen. One of them has over 4 huge ugly tats, the other one has 2 big tats that I don't like either. I know for a fact that they were expensive. I still don't understand where they saw the appeal. I would have payed good money to have their previous healthy skin.

Anonymous 96847

I think tattoo look epic on other people but I would never on myself. Too much decision and I already regret too much.
Most people I went to college with have tattoos somewhere on their body (and many people I went to high school with as well most likely, they were just underage and weren’t able to get them when I knew them). A lot of people get easily hidden tattoos (wrist, ankle/foot, and hip for women; calf, knee, and bicep for men; lip tattoos for both). Probably just my area of burgertown, but I’m honestly the weirdo for not having one in my age group (20’s)

Anonymous 97776

I wonder where does the trend come from tbh. 15 years ago tatoos were associated with felony and vulgarity. Think about these tribal tatoos that chav women zere diplaying on top of their low rise pants, between their thong handles.

Anonymous 97790

Not a fan of needles D:

Anonymous 97795


Idk when I see a tattoo - I see it as a dirt on skin - like something alien, an eyesore. I'm not hating in general - just, you know - slightly judging.
Like why - you will look at a giant dreamcatcher on your thigh for the rest of your life - wouldn't you become bored with it?
I know I would, so thats the main reason I won't have one, though I'd like to have some eDgY cartoon horror/psychobilly designs, but I just know I'll be bored by them in like three months. And also I do like having plain skin
oh and - face tattos are straight retarded sorry

Anonymous 97797

I don't like making personal judgments about people based on their looks, but I've always considered tattoos to be a cry of for attention. The argument that tattoos are deeply personal and act as a reminder would hold up, but they are usually intended to be looked upon by someone standing in front or behind you. You have something so deep and personal that you need to scar it on your body, yet require a mirror to even glance at? If not, and it's simply because you like the look of it, then it's just a lack of foresight that eventually the tattoo will fade and each time you have it refreshed, it'll be warped and changed as you go from artist to artist.

I guess in the end if you have the money and will to do it, go ahead; just don't delude yourself about the motive behind it.

Anonymous 97854


Some tattoos are beautiful, detailed artwork. Many are cringey or look like a toddler could draw it. I kinda want a tattoo, but I'm not really sure what I want/wouldn't get bored of, and it would have to be something that looks really nice.

Anonymous 97857


Basically I feel like >>96160 though less judgemental about tattoos on others. I'd just never get any myself.
I happen to follow some Inuit and think their tats are pretty cool and even compliment their features in a way. Same with Maori tbh, it's evident that the cultural practice evolved for those peoples.

Otherwise, I think heavily tattooed and modded people look neat if they have a coherent plan on their body. It's just the sort of thing that looks best all or nothing, in my worthless opinion.

Since neither of these situations apply to me I'll stay tat-less.

Anonymous 98078

im neutral to them. sometimes the art is amazing but it still doesnt look right to me… like its weird to me to another face on your body, whether animal or human. tribal tattoos especially real traditional indigenous ones are beautiful, such as another poster mentioned, inuit and maori tattoos. i like tribal but it can obviously be done so badly. ive never found a keltic tattoo artist that wasnt burger iriboo crap. its really all a symptom of living in a decadent monotheist/atheist culture. a lot of beauty is lost.

Anonymous 98098


tattoos of peoples faces aren't for me, either. animals can be super cute but not when it's like a hyperrealistic portrait of a lion's face or an eagle or something to display strength, it gets dicey and looks comparatively trashy there. cute animal faces look nice to me though.

Anonymous 98139


I don't like tattoos too much but those I kinda like are often simple and abstract(like eg on Maoris). Stuff like faces, flowers or animals just seems so cheap and tacky.
There's one fictional one I actually like alot from the main character in the game Mirror's Edge. Its abstract, geometric, and kinda feels like some modern tribal thing connected to a certain culture. It "feels" right, IMO

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