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Anonymous 96190

I wish I was a little girl again.

Anonymous 96192

Same here. I fucking hate responsibility, I just want to use a stick to mix mud and grass in a cup and say it's a potion

Anonymous 96204

Me too. At least we have the money now to buy stuff we wanted as a kid but our parents never let us have. I wish I could just turn into a kid whenever I wanted but still have authority over myself.

Anonymous 96211

>Sharing a room with my big brother
I now live alone in a studio.
>The most stressful thing was school
My job is so stressful I throw up in the bathroom at least once a week.
>Neighborhood kids were always down to play street football or ride our bikes to the park and zip up and down the hills.
I haven't met up with any friends in years.
>Whenever I was sad I'd tell my dad and he would find a way to cheer me up
Haven't spoken to him since the divorce.

I want to go back.

Anonymous 96213

For me it's the opposite, life is stable now and since I can fully manage my own shit I don't have to deal with anyone I don't want to

Anonymous 96271

I don’t really care about the whole responsibility thing or money.

It’s knowing about fucked up shit.
Porn, mutilation, pedos.

Yeah when you’re little you’re scared of the monster under the bed or in the closet that looks like Bigfoot but when you’re an adult…well, those monsters are real and it’s just a burglar or rapist or something else trying to hurt you.

Anonymous 96281

I agree, you couldn't pay me to have to be a child again. My life is better now.

Anonymous 96290


>be me, but little
>i still see both my parents and feel loved
>my siblings still live in the same home
>just play on my scooter and read after school
>don't yet know i'm weird
>my day is laid out for me by school, learning new things, yet no pressure for exams and finals
>i think the world is a good place, and it's fair, and don't know about terrible things that happen
>have nowhere to be, no responsibility, whole life ahead of me
>no mental illness, no ocd or paranoia
>everything is fun and new

I'm sorry you haven't talked to your dad in a long time. You deserved love as a kid and you still do now. I can't get your situation like you can, but you seem really stressed and lonely. I wish I could make you spicy noodle soup and cheer you up and play outside with you.

Anonymous 96295

My mom who is 60 now and had a tumultuous relationship with me growing up keeps expressing adoration for younger kids (toddlers) and I don't know how to tell her that I'm still craving her love too and she's free to hug and cuddle me anytime

Anonymous 96311


are you me

Anonymous 96320

tell her before you never have the chance to… you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Anonymous 96389

Hell no, that's pervert talk. If someone tells me they want to be a kid again I assume they're a child molester.

The true power is revisiting aspects of your childhood as an adult. You're much more lucid now. You can find the hidden meanings in your favorite childhood books, movies, and games. You can talk to your parents on equal terms as an adult. You can buy your own barbies and ring pops. You have adult power, never go back.

Anonymous 96396

sounds like you're the pervert for even thinking this was a statement that had sexual undertones…

Anonymous 96397

Chomos also love to deflect. It's everyone else who has the problem, amirite?

There's a very vocal type of pedophile that constantly tries to justify their heinous acts because their 'mental age' is younger than their real age (for unspecified totally real trauma reasons) so they don't relate to other adults. There are also the babyfur types that take age regression as a lifestyle. Oh, and troons, obviously.

If it doesn't apply to you then there's no reason to be upset.

Anonymous 96398

how do you know so much ? this is the first ive ever heard of any of this.
not looking any of those terms up btw 0_0
or am i the weird one for not knowing ? well id rather stay ignorant forever than to ever know what a chomo or babyfur is

Anonymous 96400

How did you get to an imageboard with a terf general without knowing this shit? Straight up how do you even look at the OP of this thread and not think it's a troon fishing for validation?

I wish you a well-adjusted adulthood anon, godspeed.

Anonymous 96411

Привет брата,

Ну как дела? Пиль дороги база наверно уж замела. А здесь падают нал Кабаровск в лучах зари.
Я только маме, что ты на Афгане, не говори.

Anonymous 96493

>how do you even look at the OP of this thread and not think it's a troon fishing for validation?
simply because this is a sentiment i know a lot of people generally share… famous song in my country goes "i wish my days of youth would come back again"
you're too paranoid about tranners for your own good anon…
and anyway i dont look up every term i dont understand everytime i see it on an imageboard for the sake of innocence preservation and sanity also i am dumb so i dont make the effort to connect the dots
you know what they say, ignorance is bliss ^_^
by no means am i defending trannies lol i just think its a bit of a reach to think an innocent post such as this would be "obviously" made by one…

Anonymous 98480

I wish I could could could got hey bagels with my parents
All the more reason to be sad again

Anonymous 101326

There's little freedom in being an adult for me at least. I want to be 12 or 13, not having to worry about much except school and if my mom will let me buy cool clothing next friday. I don't want all this responsibility

Anonymous 101335

I wish my oneitwas would talk to me again :(

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