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Anonymous 96412

I'm going to be a freshman in college after 14 months of barely any human interaction. I'm sharing a dorm with 2 other girls and I'm going to have to get to know them soon. Does anyone have advice on how I can make a good impression? I just don't want to live with people who'll end up hating me for a whole year.

Anonymous 96415

Act like a halfway decent human being. Clean your messes, communicate first if there are problems, lay out ground rules on things like sharing food ASAP. You don't have to know somebody on a deep and personal level to live with them. If you do everything above, you'll make a fantastic impression. Most dorm problems come because people act like spoiled children who think they are still living with daddy and take zero responsibility for themselves.

Anonymous 96438

My honest to God advice is to not be afraid to be normie with them. If they want to talk about and watch the office with you, agree and just dumb yourself and your niche interests down. If the convo is bad and basic, turn your brain off and just join. There is actually great happiness in pretending to be normie for a few hours. Don't mention any problem you've been having mental health wise etc etc etc that'll scare them off. The priority is to build a stable relationship with them at any cost. And the cost of stable relationships with normie women is to suppress your internet image board personality and join them in their basicness. If you insist on making a statement by continuing to be a weirdo literally everyone will avoid and ignore you. It happened to me at college too. Biggest mistake of my life

Anonymous 96510

Ah, seems like we're in the same boat here. Nice.

Bring something to talk about? Like food? It gives you a chance to spend time (eating) together, and might make them feel celebrated. Also, a little cliche, but focus on them more than on yourself.

If you want to loosen up beforehand, you could talk for a while with someone you're familiar with, exercise, or dance for a long time to music.

You don't have to 'fake it till you make it'. If you're nervous, or excited, just say it. I had to learn to show my emotions on my face and have more readable body language instead of being a robot. This makes you more approachable and less threatening, openness it good.

I shared a dorm with 2 other girls on a school trip, and I think we shared food and I joined in gossiping about this guy on the trip with us to fit in, so it will help if you try to like the things that they like, and mirror their energy/body language. It is easy to overdo it as an autist, but life is awkward, life is cringe, and you can't run away from it. Seconding with >>96438 that you should hide your autism if possible, but think of it as having like a normie personality and a miner personality.

Really excited for you tbh, I know you can do this.

Anonymous 96514

Don’t do this, it’s exhausting and unrewarding. Engage enough to be polite but there’s no reason to put on a performance of being normal for hours of your time when the type of people that would be disgusted by who you actually are aren’t really worth having as friends in the first place

Anonymous 96630

They probably feeling very similar to you. Just have a few beers together, loosen up and get to know each other. It'll be fine.

Anonymous 96875

Just acknowledge your initial awkward impression you leave on them by joking about it. Reference the pandemic. So like "Apologies if I come across as kinda awkward. This is basically the first human interaction I have since a year, because of Covic. I kinda became a reclusive hermit."

If they accept it, they might invite you to social events in an effort to help their new friend. And don't forget to smell nice.

Anonymous 96884

Bad advice right there

Anonymous 102843

Thanks Anons. I've been moved in for about two weeks and we're all getting along just fine.

Anonymous 102887

comfy bobo.png

Glad to hear it anon

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