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Anonymous 96749

I have everything I've ever wanted, I don't understand why I'm so broken. I married my high school sweetheart, he makes almost a quarter million dollars a year. We have 3 children that I homeschool. It's literally everything I ever wanted, but I'm miserable. Crushing anxiety and OCD steals every positive feeling I ever have.

>"Oh aren't you kids so sweet? What if they got cancer and died."

>"What if your husband left you because you've ruined his life by being fat and miserable and he makes you homeless?"

I have no friends or hobbies and honestly I don't even want them. My family doesn't even want to talk to me because all I do is spew negativity at them. I don't even want to get out of bed most days. Why can't I just be happy?

Anonymous 96751

>3 children that I homeschool
i don't think you can even have any hobbies or interests with that

Anonymous 96755

>3 children that I homeschool.
Honestly if you're in a position where you're homeschooling multiple kids you've failed. That sounds like misery. That sounds like either you fucked up on choosing a good area with good schools to have children in, or you're in some kind of fundie cult that doesn't trust mainstream schooling.

I get it if you have maybe ONE kid with developmental issues who isn't ready for public school, but if you're homeschooling all three something went wrong somewhere.

Send the gremlins to a real school! If they're going to be taught by a depressed basket case it can at least be an actual teacher. It'll do them good to look at a slightly different miserable woman for part of the day. Variety is the spice of life.

Anonymous 96759



At this point they're so far ahead of public school kids it wouldn't make sense. My husband and I weren't impressed with public school and outcomes from homeschool were so much better, not any kind of cult or political extremist. We just do school in the morning, with some self guided learning activities in the afternoon (eg reading, playing tablet, watching documentaries, maybe the occasional experiment or craft, etc). Not sure why you guys are convinced it's hard. Compare 3 kids to a public school teacher trying to wrangle 40 at a time.

Anonymous 96760

how old are you?

Anonymous 96761

I just turned 30 a few months ago

Anonymous 96765

The teacher goes home to a separate personal life. Do you get to end your schooling day and go somewhere without those kids?

You haven't convinced me you're not in a cult, btw. If your husband makes so much money why not a private school? Why not pay for a tutor to come in a few times a week and help you out with certain subjects? Do your kids even have friends outside the family?

Anonymous 96772

If I were you and had all that money I would unironically develop alcoholism and a coke habit for fun

Anonymous 96774

Lol fair. The only private schools near us are Catholic or Jewish, and we're neither. We've looked at coops but they're all the stereotypical homeschool extremists we want to avoid. We're talking about starting one for normal people. Tutor is tricky, it's technically illegal in our state as home education is required to be done by the parent, otherwise it's legally a private school which requires accreditation.

Friends are tricky now with covid. They had friends from activities (gymnastics, ballet, etc) but they stopped hanging out when all of that was cancelled. They still play with the kids across the street about once a week.

And my husband takes over when he gets home. I go up to our room and close the door. I have a good cry while I scroll through TikTok for a couple of hours. He handles dinner, cleanup, bath time, and bed time so I can get a break.

Anonymous 96778


I developed a shopping addiction instead, but because of my contamination OCD I don't open the boxes and they just sit in our garage/mudroom until my husband takes it to goodwill… There's usually around 100 unopened boxes…

Anonymous 96779

Were you depressed before covid? Would you say that having the kids in the house 24/7 to avoid a literal deadly disease might be putting extra pressure on your anxiety and OCD?

Anonymous 96780

I’d honestly be interested in how your kids turn out. Every homeschool kid I’ve known has turned out incredibly socially mail adjusted but while I’m pretty suspicious of your info graphic I’m at least willing to believe that a big part of the issue is the religious extremism on top of being homeschooled since those types of parents tend to actively stunt their kids

Anonymous 96781

tinfoil: her husband has a coke (or any other stimulant but coke is the most likely one ig) addiction, otherwise i don't think a man could handle both hard work (i suppose it's a hard job or at least was a hard job in the past) AND household chores with 3 fucking children

Anonymous 96783

wtf does your husband do for work that he's raking in 250k a year?

Anonymous 96785

Considering the depression and anxiety she’s probably fucking up her kids anyways

Anonymous 96786

He's a senior engineer at a large tech company.

Anonymous 96787

This is what I'm thinking. I've known homeschooled kids who weren't religious, but those are almost always kids with autism who got coddled by overprotective parents instead of mainstreamed. Never met a homeschooled kid who can survive in the real world.

Anonymous 96788

why 3 kids though? you guys could've had such an easy, comfortable, free life. you're so young and you're saddled with 3 kids. no offense and i can't speak for you but that shit would drive me nuts even if i was totally sane before.

eh, i think a lot of parents have depression and anxiety.

Anonymous 96789

i think they should probably get a housekeeper/nanny before they both lose it. it's a lot of stress to go to work, come home, do dinner, clean up, clean the kids, and put them to bed. this does not sound sustainable.

Anonymous 96790

I've always wanted to be a mom with a big family. We wanted more kids, but I'm obviously not in a place for that now.

Mental illness was manageable until covid. Now I'm just a mess.

Anonymous 96796

Ask your kids what they think your hobby should be. If you all agree on something interesting to try it could be fun, and you can compulsively shop for the supplies/equipment for that hobby for a while. Dump it once you're bored, the kids can keep the supplies if they still want to use them.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 96798

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