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Heroes Anonymous 96810

Who’s your hero?

Anonymous 96811

Can they eat lab-made pork or is it still not kosher?

Anonymous 96831

I'm actually highly interested in this because I could potentially eat replica meats of mad shit like tigers or people

Anonymous 96834

cannibal cafe

Anonymous 96835

Would you eat synthetic Cece meat y/n

Anonymous 96836

I once made the mistake of calling laboratory-made, completely animal-free artificial albumen "vegan-friendly" in class and all four vegans present instantly got up in arms and started yelling at me. Apparently vegans can't eat it because it's intentionally engineered to resemble real egg white.

Anonymous 96839


Anonymous 96841

they seem to be fucking retarded since artificial albumen can be a good option for those who like/need egg white for their cooking but want to go vegan

Anonymous 96845


Anonymous 96854

Right there, nailing the key issue. Why the hell don't they just lab-grow some donkey's jawbone?!? That way, with the unrestrictedly larger lump of tissue, they'd actually have enough to make a proper sword out of it! Imagine how many thousands upon thousands of Philistines' heads one could lop off with it! assuming no baldness

Anonymous 96866

That's when you realize veganism is a cult that just wants to control people.

Anonymous 96871

idk any vegans personally that would act like this, but i guess some are weird with no priorities.

no, that's not right

Anonymous 96898


>Who’s your hero?
Miners that are openly gay/bisexual tbh.

Anonymous 97131

It's a cult. The only reason to be a strict vegan is an ethical one, not environmental.
But if you really care about every animal life, you will get into a lot of inconsistencies.
What about ants? What about rats?
The reality is, that animals are just not as valuable as humans.

Anonymous 97312

>But if you really care about every animal life, you will get into a lot of inconsistencies.
>What about ants? What about rats?
Well, yeah, that's what vegans debate on from time to time, with some agreements and disagreements in-between. Killing an ant or a spider isn't as cruel as building an industry that breeds and kills animals and widely contributes to pollution just so some joe can eat his steak and watch a football game.
>The reality is, that animals are just not as valuable as humans.
That's not objective reality. You'll need to define what makes one more valuable than the other.

Anonymous 97315

It isn't. Everyone is just hyper focused on painting vegans as crazy cult people that get mad when someone says the word meat. It really can be flipped on feminists too, like moids calling feminists feminazis because a fat woman started yelling in a meeting.
All carnist arguements against vegans are "they are crazy and they scream and they think they are better than everyone else", but no arguements as to why veganism as an ethical choice is wrong.

Anonymous 97317


Anonymous 97323

Heres an ethical reason. The human body works best when meat is a big part of the diet. Just like eating yourself to faness is unethical, eating things that make you less healthy, only plants, is unethical.

Anonymous 97327

I second this. I'm sick and tired of people generalizing vegans as hysterical cultists. I've heard more stupid and offensive jokes about veganism than actual vegans being rude or crazy.

Anonymous 97330

Also, vegans face the same amount of stigma that a drug addict. It's all because of carnists cognitive dissonance.


Anonymous 97338

very true. i know a lot of vegans, never had them be rude to me, nasty, nothing. i do, however, encounter a lot of people who become kneejerk hysterical when the prospect of veganism is brought up just as a sensible side-note.

Anonymous 97363

Are you vegan?

Anonymous 97366

I'm sorry. I don't really have a problem with vegans that have a consistent ideology. I'm just bothered by really radical vegans, who claim they are vegans for environmental reasons.

I personally am a meat-eater, because I like to eat the traditional recipes of my family. Veganism seems quite anti-tradition to me, far more even than vegetariarism.

I just want to be allowed to eat meat and I will let you be a vegan in peace.

Anonymous 97372


I would make the argument that if the end goal of veganism is to cause less suffering to animals that mixed diets are superior as you can raise cattle and other animals on land that isn't suitable for growing crops. The hypothetical shutting down of all land used to feed meat-animals could not be replaced with crops 1-to-1. Thus more environmental space would need to be made arable in order to make the dietary switch, depriving wild animals of natural homes, or you need to cut down on the human population.

Thus, you either have a moral imperative to either severely reduce the current population and then enforce a full vegan diet, or, if you're not up for culling humanity, you could better maximize farmland with albeit a slightly reduced use of meat and sweeteners which preserves wildlife habitats.

Of course, if you're instead arguing
>prove there's something morally wrong with voluntarily chosing to have a vegan diet
There's nothing wrong about it when voluntary, it has ethically questionable applications when scaled to maximum.

Anonymous 97376


Anonymous 97377

I see this gained a lot of traction. Just want to clarify, I have my problems with the vegan community, mainly with vegan moids and their hypocrisy. Not really gonna debate this any further, if you're really interested in learning abut veganism there are plenty of ways to do that instead of arguing on an imageboard. Have a good day, y'all.

Anonymous 97465


All the best. Keeping things in check. And I bet you ironically love vore. I do too. I also eat mainly meat. I also am thankful for this meat plant thing. It’s real meat.

Maybe eventually eating meat will be a consensual sexual practice.

Anonymous 97468

NTA but as a hindu i must correct you cows were always holy and only animal sacrifices of cows were eaten, most hindus aren't vegans just vegetarians they're not autistic enough to drink almond milk or some other non animal milk and not eat honey just the priestly class of the caste system is discouraged to eat meat, the warrior classes have been encouraged to eat meat throughout history

Anonymous 97483


Going vegan means you avoid eating the proteins associated with meat whether it is natural or artificial. It is like telling a diabetic that artificial sugar does them no harm because it is artificial. Going vegan is not always a choice based on ethics., you got yelled at because that is what you immediately assumed.

Anonymous 97486

Like half of India is vegetarian

Anonymous 97491

Part of the worship of cows in Hinduism is because they provide sustenance without needing to slaughter them in the form of milk, which can be also be consumed as cheese or yogurt. Hindus are by no means vegan, you could consider them vegetarians though.

Anonymous 97498

i know a lot of vegans that support lab grown meat, so long as it isn't derived from the animals in an extremely painful and especially exploitative process. there are, contrary to what a lot of people claim, vegans who do have the belief that the mitigation of suffering is the ultimate goal and aren't just completely preoccupied by the idea that "it's still meat".

Anonymous 97502

I honestly think vegans have the moral high ground when it comes to their decision not to consume meat/animal products. However, they would be completely unable to do this without industrialization. It took generations of their ancestors eating meat and inventing things before they could have the decision not to. That’s my main bone to pick with vegans is their ironic reliance on modern technology to be “natural” and “sustainable”.
Personally I eat meat sometimes but I try to incorporate vegetarian/vegan options when I can. “Lol bacon ecks dee” style meat-worship is cringe, even once you consider it’s reactionary from vegangelists shitting everything up.

Anonymous 97503

>That’s my main bone to pick with vegans is their ironic reliance on modern technology to be “natural” and “sustainable”.
i don't find that so many vegans are using the sustainable or natural argument. most of them, in my experience, are vegan purely due to the ethics. i agree with you though. i really don't understand though why people get so offended by the idea of veganism and need to pull off such reactionary hysterics in response to veganism. if you don't want to become vegan, or stop eating meat or animal products, whatever, but i don't see why they can't just admit that it's admirable to refrain from eating them. if you don't have the willpower, whatever, but it's dumb the way they refuse to admit that it's commendable that people want to live by their principles.

Anonymous 97505

>Veganism is inherently wrong and unethical because you're contributing to a decline in biodiversity by not hunting and eating animals that are threatening a given ecosystem.
The majority of people who eat meat get their meat from factory farms, not hunting, wtf are you talking about?

Anonymous 97507

you aren't making people find you "admirable" by posting this. quite the opposite.

Anonymous 97510

i'm not vegan, but a lot of my friends are, and my SO is, so. i think it's great that people have the willpower to do what i struggle with maintaining.

Anonymous 97513

You did it again, being vegan is choice what motivated the choice is completely different. I was vegan for a short while not because I care about animals, I really don’t, I went vegan due to health reasons because in my culture we consume a lot of meat, probably the most in the world and it caused some health issues where vegan diets were the proper thing.

Anonymous 97514

i didn't respond to you before that one post, anon. i didn't address the portion of your post that had to do with health, just whether or not vegans accept this or that alternative.

Anonymous 97689

>>97457 like she said >>97468
Also you are not hunting animals that part ended with agriculture what you do now is farm Animals today in meat factories or industries, all these meat businesses have population pressure on them so not only they have increased bovine and poultry population by a quite large margin but they also discard a lot of regulations which just results in addition to subtle climate change

Anonymous 97692


Jesus Christ, I know I can't ever be as perfect as Him, but He is my hope and my redeemer. Even though I'm vulnerable and weak to what's around me, He is my hope and He loves all of you very very much.

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