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Anonymous 97176

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you visit?

Pyongyang has always been so interesting to me I need to see it one day while it still is ruled by the regime.

Anonymous 97177


Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen

Anonymous 97179


would love to see Bhutan

I've always been so interested in those massive Chinese cities that you never hear about.

Anonymous 97204


That looks too beautiful to be North Korea.

Vienna, Nantes, back to Sofia, and Mongolia.

Anonymous 97242


What is with the shit occurring there? An exceptional sized hotel in a place like that! A bloody hotel! I'm scratching my head if maybe it serves them right that it had severe structural defects and just stood there incomplete and nonfuctional all those years.

Anonymous 97263

Heidelberg, Quebec, Taipei, Amsterdam, Jeju, and Singapore. i've always wanted to travel outside of my country

Anonymous 97264

According to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inebLA3HqPo one of the hotels is a meme among the locals and another is half empty.

Anonymous 97279

I often wonder if the presence of a giant empty hotel hurts the confidence of the citizens who live in the city. Do they joke about it amongst themselves? Do they still stories to each other about it? Last I heard, they had to turn the thing into a giant LED screen which lights up at night. I think they built this hotel at a time when the North Koreans splashed out on luxury like having their own mini Olympics to rival South Korea, but it all ended up helping to tank the economy.

Anonymous 97440

Uh-oh, now we can really, really get wonderring … the seriously Pyongyangian attitude here would be if this functioned … bear with me a little on this … as a litmus test for the proper level of confidence that's due from North Koreans, at least ones who get to live in the capital. Hopefully that might be decent illustration of the level of though prescription that NK has been infamous for in the west and wherever else.
It's surprising to see a second one even looked at, it's just the Ryungyong that I had heard taken note of all those times. The whacky tacky Ryungyong, or definitly at least whacky.

Anonymous 97442

I have to say that I find that question simply ungraspable, in context of what's understood about North Korea, I think the glaring question is how exactly is this brutal divide between those chosen to live there and the rest of NK, if it really is so.

Maybe some blame some resented backwater in Korea for the structural problems that hotel had. Who ironically wouldn't have the tiniest clue of its existance!

Oooooooh, and I wonder if they ever have to tell stories about it to the rest of NK?

Anonymous 97444

unnamed (1).jpg

Iceland. It's pretty here

Anonymous 97488

>how exactly is this brutal divide between those chosen to live there and the rest of NK, if it really is so.
There's a great undercover reporter group that documents news stories from inside North Korea, complete with articles of hidden knowledge. There's one video in which a North Korea woman in the street blasts the government for "lieing and cheating" and in another a small town holds a small protest over the decision to divert power/water to Pyongyang.

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