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Anonymous 97202

Anyone else feel like threads that dont deserve to get deleted get deleted a bit too much here? Or maybe the rules are a bit confusing, but i've seen many threads that seemingly follow all the rules get deleted.

Anonymous 97205


Anonymous 97217

When a moid gets banned usually all his posts get deleted with him even if those posts don't all make it obvious he's a moid, so that might be what you're seeing.

Anonymous 97218

This. I’ve gotten temp banned for responding to moids on accident so I’m sure there’s many seemingly high quality threads that get deleted due to male hands being involved.

Anonymous 97235

OP's probably talking about the fetishbait thread made by the moid who totally isn't 5'9" asking about if a 6'4" woman could overpower a 5'9" man.

Anonymous 97272

Hehe no. I understand why those get banned. Most moids arent good at larping at all. Unfortunately, i dont care about this enough to remember what got deleted that i thought was ok and just a normal thread.

Anonymous 97276

Oh shit, that was a fetish thread? I read that and assumed a girl was debating with a brother or something about being able to slap him around if it came down to it and just came here for an opinion

Anonymous 97283

While we're at it. Im pretty sure that if the person is talking about femdom or something related to it, theres like a 80% chance that its a larp.

Anonymous 97290

Thats why i said 80%, you absolute retard.

Anonymous 97298

There was like a study once that found more than 50% of women are into maledom, while less than 10% of women are into femdom at all.

The study also found that far more men are into femdom than women.
Sounds to me like most of these femdom posters are larping moids.

Of course I can't prove it, but statistically it seems very likely.

Anonymous 97302

No, I don't think so. Funny you say that the day after a moid troll thread was deleted.

I didn't get banned for responding to the moid bait thread yesterday. I am pretty sure you don't get banned for replying.

Anonymous 97307

The one about tall women or olympians? The first one was an obvious larp, too bad it got so much attention (from other larpers probably). The olympians one prompted me to make this thread, i guess i didnt really understand what the point was.

Anonymous 97310

While we're at stuff getting deleted. Pretty sure 90% of the threads/replies on /nsfw/ are made by moids. Aint no way in hell that most people here are into femdom. Thats extremely rare for women. Even the ones that do it profesionally only do it for money.

Anonymous 97337

That’s why I report them all.

Anonymous 97340

i think female imageboards attract a different audience. it's possible there are a fair amount of women into femdom here, just like we see a lot of posters into smaller men, more feminine men, asian men. but the overly fetishy posts are probably guys, yeah.

Anonymous 97351

Yeah, the female draft thread got deleted for no good reason. It's pertinent to us, it's quite possible it will be real soon, and didn't break a single rule. I don't get the logic at all with which threads are or aren't deleted.

Anonymous 97352

Could've been made by a man, probably was if it was deleted. They don't always out themselves with every post but once their post history is revealed, it's nuked.

Anonymous Admin 97353

Most of the deleted threads that aren't moidposts are covered by the pinned thread here in /b/ and in /feels/, aka posts that belong in one of the generals rather than needing their own threads. Everyone who gets a ban for this reason can repost in the appropriate thread. I'm working on making all of this more concise and prominent so that fewer users overlook it.

This too, sometimes a stray male makes a thread that leads to actual good conversation, but it still has to go when I ban the male to discourage him from coming back and reading the thread. I'm aware that this is unfortunate sometimes and I've been more mindful of leaving some thread OPs up when practical.

Responding to obvious maleposters results in up to a 1-day ban, but it depends on how obvious the maleposter was, so not all responders get hit all the time.

I've seen it both ways, and made the decision to restrict all kink talk to /nsfw/. This is in part a newfag trap because most tourists go straight to /b/ to drop their fetishes without bothering to read the rules or pinned thread. Genuine female femdom enjoyers will just have to dig a bit deeper to find their thread.

Anonymous 97368

Can we have a new female draft thread?
I found the subject quite interesting.

Anonymous 97404


I don't really understand why /nsfw/ exists in the first place. It's just asking for moids. The fact that it's unlisted doesn't really matter since lurkers can figure it out pretty quickly and some of the /r9k/ or /fit/ raids explicitly mention it.

Anonymous Admin 97410

I've been on the fence about it for a long time, but many users say they prefer having this space and I don't want to deprive them as long as it's still manageable. I welcome more discussion on this subject though.

Please start it off in the pinkpill general for now.

Anonymous 97419


I don't use /nsfw/ so I shouldn't really talk about it, but I'd also like to see some pro-/nsfw/ posters and their reasoning since the only times I've ever seen it being discussing, it was negative.

Anonymous 97462

It's like the only anonymous place that women can talk about porn they like with other women, not sissies or gays.
There's been a thread going on 4chan's /h/ for 'female gaze hentai' but you still get the trolls and guys butting in.

Anonymous 98154

>go to sleep
>wake up
>my tomboy thread was deleted

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