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Anonymous 97527

How do you love being treated?

Anonymous 101400

I'm too lazy to answer but I love those pictures. Did you take them?

Anonymous 101405

With care

Anonymous 101435

with calmness, energy, and attention. i like people who can engage in good conversation but also laugh and not take things too seriously. at the same time, i like to be treated with natural boundaries. i like being treated like an individual; a human being who is who i am. it destroys my soul to be treated as an extension of somebody who lacks theory of mind.

Anonymous 101628

Every person is a main character of their lives, so I guess everyone likes when it's all about them
That's sad
But I understand that and don't expect any distinctive and sincere involvment
I mean, there was people in my life implying to be interested in me - romantically or friendly, who didn't bother to listen or ask questions - but talking about themselves
Not all of course are like that, but still

I like when people don't try to get intimate and ask private things for heart to heart talk expirience
I get they possibly think it's bonding - ew it's not
Better talking about either concrete things of interest or broad abstract concepts - to share views between each other

Also I like when people remember what I talk with them about, because I almost always do! And it would be nice if the same they'd be doing for me - paying attention and remembering stuff
Idk, I think it's pretty important

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