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Plantfag thread Anonymous 97540

I'm one of those people who bought a succulent once but succulent must have been spiked with crack because now I have waaaay too many plants. Like, a mental illness amount of plants. I also grow every seed I come into contact with and only buy fruit/vegetables if I know I can grow the seed after I eat it. Anyone really into plants? What plants do you want?

My wishlist is:

• spotted begonia
• Chinese evergreen
• raven zz plant
• bonsai (any species)
• bunny ear cactus
• every calathea species
• UFO pepporomia

Anonymous 97569

I want to plant strawberries but don't know where to start

Anonymous 97579

Just thinly slice the skin off the strawberries and massage the skins against a sieve to get the seeds. Wrap in wet tissue and put the tissue in a ziplock bag somewhere warm and in after a while they will form roots. You can bury them now

Anonymous 97627


Freesia. I grew it once but fucked up at some point and it withered. Wish I would be able to grow it again someday. Tbh I generally prefer flowers to greens (or whatever plants without flowers are called), I just don't see the appeal in the latter

Anonymous 179610


this is my plant. his name is eggoberto. hes a good boy

Anonymous 179614

I want to try my hand at producing whatever edible stuff I can but I only have my windowsills and balcony. I raise thyme, basil etc. but idk what else.

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