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Anonymous 97639

hello!! i'm bored and wanted to talk before bed~ tell me about your day or just anything you wanna talk about anon. i'll reply to everyone until i fall asleep.

Anonymous 97640

i put some garlic chili sauce in the marinara for my spaghetti and it was good

Anonymous 97643

that sounds really yummy c: did you make the marinara yourself?

Anonymous 97645


i'm lazy so i've only ever use canned, but one of these days i want to make it from scratch.

Anonymous 97647

awh, that's okay~ canned is really yummy too ^^ but I do encourage you to make your own sometime, it can be really fun and also very tasty!! (especially if you grow your own tomatoes)

Anonymous 97649

thanks for the idea, now that i think of it i want to try a sun dried tomato recipe!

Anonymous 97652

you definitely should!! c: i've only had it a few times when my aunt made it for me but marinara with sun dried tomatoes is really great~ i think they're a bit sweeter and less acidic which is really nice if you have a weak stomach like me haha

Anonymous 97653

I had olive garden last saturday and you're making me want to go back

Anonymous 97654

well, nothing is stopping you from going back anon~ but you also could get the ingredients and make some italian food at home instead :) it's fun and from my experience food you make yourself always tastes a little better~

Anonymous 97657

goodnight everyone~ I hope you all have a lovely night or a great day depending on where you are in the world!! thanks so much for talking to me before bed :)

Anonymous 97707

You're probably out of the thread already OP but I just want to say cute OMORI art.

Anonymous 97726

thank you!! the art isn't mine but i really like it too c: i won't be here all the time but i'll keep checking back when i can just in case anyone feels like talking~

Anonymous 97728

i sat out the front with a cup of coffee, it was pleasant

Anonymous 97731

that sounds comfyyyy what kind of coffee did you have?

Anonymous 97753

it was just instant coffee, the good shtuff

Anonymous 97761

i'm here c: my day has been pretty good so far, i woke up very early but i got some work done and one of my friend's talked to me for a bit so i'm pretty happy. i hope you had a wonderful day too fren <3
i actually looooove instant coffee!! for a while i was pretty addicted to this hazelnut kind my mom would always buy but i've never been able to find the same brand on my own >_<

Anonymous 97784

is instant coffee actually good, anons? as good as regular, or better? i've always been warned it tastes awful so i never tried it but maybe they're just being coffee snobs.

Anonymous 97806

Instant is alright, but I am not a fancy coffee expert- I use a Keurig with pods. I like the flavored instant coffee powder- the ones that are pumpkin spice or hazelnut. You can usually get them to froth up when you whisk them which is fun, though they are insanely high in sugar.
I don't really think it's worth it to get the unflavored ones, but once again talking from a person who has a coffee pod machine. If you don't have a machine and you still want coffee, might as well try instant. I think if you prefer black or unflavored coffee, probably still better to go with a regular machine because that'll give you a better taste. If you are going to mask it with creamer/sugar/etc then I don't see why not go with instant.

Anonymous 97807

I'm no coffee snob, but instant coffee tastes extremely bitter and doesn't have the aroma that regular coffee does. It is made from a different type of bean, which explains the different taste.
I'll drink pretty much any coffee besides instant coffee.

Anonymous 97812

did watch da olympics?

Anonymous 97813

from my experience it's very yummy!! although i've never really had any fancy coffee so i can't really say how it compares >_<
i did not watch the olympics, how was it? i used to watch them with my family all the time so it feels too weird watching them alone now

Anonymous 97814


It was a big let down. They wanted to do a sombre and quiet ceremony with no spectators and a limited performance. So basically nothing extravagant like China or Great Britain. It was cheesy with the whole message of love and respect, especially when they played John Lennon's Imagine song to the entire world.

They had a really sick drone performance though, a giant spinning ball that morphed into the globe. Also the Parade of Nations was enjoyable as ever, a lot of cute outfits.

Anonymous 97815

I've only ever had instant coffee and couldn't stop drinking it for a while, now it just tastes boring to me.

Anonymous 97816

do you think it's worth watching just for the parade and drone performance? it sounds kinda fun even if it was a bit disappointing e-e

Anonymous 97819


Probably best to watch the highlights. Like they had a nice bit where they "crafted" the rings of the Olympics from wood, but then had some weird tap dancing dude. It was very inconsistent and not well choreographed. You can then skip to the parade of nations and see the Pacific Islanders win style points. Overall there's not much to see, a missed chance to put on a global show to a world in peril.

Anonymous 97912

i'll try looking up some videos tomorrow~ it is sad to hear they weren't really able to really put on an amazing show for everyone to watch.. honestly you're the first person i've talked to that's even brought it up >_< i kind of forgot the olympics were even happening

Anonymous 100674

Well I finally got tired of being told to gtfo 4chan and decided to try this place out.

Never been, is it comfy?

Also, how are you

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