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Travelling Anonymous 977

Where are the places you've been? Travel Plans?

Anonymous 989

I've never left Europe, but I really want to.
I've seen parts of
>Czech Republic

Anonymous 991

Going to Hong Kong (and Disney) at the end of next month, stocked af!

Btw, I highly recommend HK Disney above Tokyo, Paris and DEFINITELY aboove Shanghai because its never packed, never big lines nor big crowds, its just so nice. Tokyo Disney is nice too but its always packed, ALWAYS.

Anonymous 996

Really want to travel to NZ and South Korea. SO and I went to Japan a few years ago and had the time of our lives.


I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to HK (and HK Disney). Hope you have lots of fun.

Anonymous 997

Mostly travelled around Spain, and not even that much because you know, money.

My most desired places to go are South Korea or Japan for a small time, to see if i like it, and then go for a large period of time (a.k.a some months), currently saving money for those since the flights are so freaking expensive.

Other places i'd like to visit when i have enough money are Italy, New Zealand, Scottland, then maybe do some backpacking through europe.
Also would love to go to every place possible in Spain.

Anonymous 998


I had the opportunity to do an internship this summer in Tokyo but couldn't because family stuff had come up and I was needed. I think for my next year of uni I can study abroad in Tokyo for a semester or a year. As long as I can keep my grades up it'll be paid for. I can also go to the U.K or France if I want and even Estonia(not sure what I'd do there though) so I have a lot of options to choose from. I've never been outside of the U.S but I've always loved whenever I got to travel somewhere, even if it was just a few cities or a state over.

I have a soft spot for Tokyo Disney because of all the Marie from Aristocats merchandise it has. If the Hong Kong one has just as much Marie stuff or more, I'd probably like it way more. The one in America doesn't really have a lot of Aristocats things so it's not nearly as close to my heart.

Anonymous 1002

>Spain a ton of times
>Germany 4x
>France 3x

I really want to visit Iceland, Russia, Japan, China and at least once in my life Iran or Afghanistan. I also want to visit my family in the US.

Anonymous 1032

Yeah HK is AMAZING, and not really that expensive if you go to the "hole in a wall" places to eat (which i prefer much more than the super expensive ones). They even have what used to be the cheapest michelin-awarded restaurant, a dim sum place (they have in other countries too). I love the energy of the city, everything!

Oh yes they do have a lot of that cat. Also at the Disney store in Shibuya.

Anonymous 1033

Just out of curiosity, but what's the weather typically like? Any time that is the best time to visit? My friend went to Taiwan and I've always wanted to go, but I was a little sad when I found out it's incredibly humid lol.

Anonymous 1034

I always go around these months, its summer in this region so its always hot and humid (sucks a LOT if you're not used to it) and sometimes showers (but because of this is the "low season" so less tourists). Id recommend you go in the "winter months" , its not really cold, it almost never goes under 15 celsius and fairly dry.

Anonymous 1036


I've only ever visited Tunisia when I was 4 and France when I was 13.
I'm sad because due to financial constraints it means I haven't been outside of the UK for 12 years now whilst everybody else around me is consistently uploading pictures of their trips to places like Thailand, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands etc.

I have a large group of Swedish friends that I came to know through online vidya (the internet is magical), so I'm hoping I can save up enough to go visit them in Sweden by next year, then I can meme on them irl.

Is it possible to get cabin fever from never leaving your country? I so desperately want to go out and explore the world.

Anonymous 1041

> Ireland
Lived there when I was a baby
> Denmark
I was a baby when I went, and I get a lot of layovers when I travel there, even between my home countries.
> Spain
Gone 2x with family, it's nice.
> Japan
Exchange year for fun
> South Korea
Went for 5 days with a bunch of friends, were mostly in Seoul. Fun contrast to see it when you've been in Japan for a few months.

I'm going to America in less than 2 weeks, I'm pretty excited.

Anonymous 1061

I lold whole-heartedly at the image,anon. Please do tell me where can I find more?

sage-ing it .

Anonymous 1065

Laughing Swedish G…

Oh it's just an image I stumbled across one day and saved, no idea where I came from.
My relationship with my Nordic brothers basically consists of us bullying each other with geographical/cultural memes.

Anonymous 1066

>Canada (Homeland)
>Mainland USA
>US Virgin Islands
>Dominican Republic

I'd like to see more of Europe. I could probably see a lot in one month since the countries are so small and close together. I'd also like to visit Australia/NZ and Japan.
When I was younger I also wanted to visit the DPRK but I realized that isn't the most ethical thing to do… also that US tourist who returned in a coma and eventually died freaked me out even more.

Anonymous 1079

>From US
Been to
>The Bahamas

I'm going to Finland in a month and a half…kinda nervous since I've never been anywhere where I don't speak the language.

I think the only other place I'd really want to go is the Netherlands since I've been trying to teach myself Dutch off and on. Oh and Mongolia. I'm not good at thinking about travel plans lol

Anonymous 1080

Mongolia is really really beautiful. The language is impossible to learn tho.

Anonymous 1089

Probably going to move to Switzerland (Vaud) next year if my life goes according to the plan. Any Swiss anons here? Teach me how life treats people there, how the weather is like, and anything else you want to mention. I've never left my country so I'm nervous. Thanks in advance in case anyone replies.

Anonymous 1100

From the US, been to



Sort of the Netherlands and France but those were just layovers so don't really count.

I really want to go to Paris and Spain, I was an art history major so anywhere with good museums is my goal. Japan again would be fantastic, it's gotten a lot cheaper since when I went.

Anonymous 1125

>South Korea
>North Korea (kek not really, just DMZ where if you cross a painted line in one of the huts of Joint Security Area, you are technically in North Korea)

I am in Europe so it's easy to visit other European countries. Probably revisiting Germany (Munich) this summer.

Anonymous 1128

Does anyone have any advice for long haul flights? I have my first one ever this year and I'm super scared of planes anyway, let alone spending 13 hours on one ;__;

I was gonna take a sheet mask or two on board with me. Ideally I'd sleep but like… is this that possible?

Anonymous 1133


Get a travel pillow, even if you don't have space in your luggage they make ones that clip on the exterior.
Pop a few Benadryl or sleeping pills if you can get a prescription.
I always remind myself that statistically, its way safer than driving.

Anonymous 1146

-Bring your laptop/ds/ whatever device you have to play and watch movies . Im sure the airplane will have lots of movies too.
-Like the anon above said, maybe take some sleeping pills if you want to pass out (i dont like sleeping). Dont forget to tell the hostess to wake you up when food comes around, if you want to eat.
-Bring comfy thick socks, maybe wear some comfy gym pants so you can just relax and move around.
-Instead of a bra wear a gym bra that way the wires wont be hurting you.
- LIP MOISTURIZER. (also hands/body/face but a lot of airplanes have these ones in the bathroom).

Anonymous 1196


Thanks for the advice guys <3
sports bra is especially a good ideaaaa!! I never would of thought about that

Anonymous 1206

It's tempting to stay awake for the duratiom of the flight but If you try and sleep as much as possible you will arrive feeling pretty good. Personally I don't touch sleeping pills during flights, mostly because I usually have to make connections, if you must take them just use melatonin. Make sure to bring a cozy sweater or blanket and an eye mask. Drink lots of water if your stomach starts to hurt.

Happy travels!

Anonymous 1209

No prob!

This is my long-flight outfit:

-Comfy shoes (no ties), or if you bring sneakers, bring some slippers (also some airlines give you free slippers, depend on the seat class too ), also fluffy socks for extra comfiness

- Nice comfy pants/gym pants (I always wear the same ones from Uniqlo, comfy and yet stylish so I dont look like Im going to the gym lol)

- For the top: sports bra (ofc), loose tshirt and some kind of sweater/hoodie that is not super thin nor super thick. (Since they always have blankets, and yes a good airline washes them every time and packs them in plastic).

This outfit works if youre going to a hot country or a cold one, because either way the airport and especially the airplane will be freeeeezing! (as an extra, if i go to a hot country ill pack a pair of shorts or a skirt in my hand luggage to take off in the airport when i arrive, and if its a hot country Ill do the same with a thick coat).

Also bring mints if you are meeting people at the airport

Anonymous 1281

I've never been to America but I really want to but to be honest I'm kind of low-key scared of going. I find it hard to socialise with Americans because of culture differences maybe? I'm unsure what it is. They can come across rude to me even if they're not meaning to.

New Orleans and San Fran would be awesome to go to though!

Anonymous 1345

Americans are one of the friendliest people Ive ever met. Maybe new yorkers have a bitchy attitude (which I think its because its a fast-paced city) but everybody there is so open and amiable.

Tbh the only reason I dont want to go back (lived there for a long time) is because 1) terrorism and shooters (who knows what will blow up next/ who will shoot where next) and 2) read on many news outlets that they make you turn your computers on, phone etc so no privacy at all in the TSA, so fuck THAT.

Anonymous 1349

The Americans I've encountered have all been incredibly friendly also. My only gripe with them is that all of the males I've met SPEAK SO LOUDLY. They don't so much talk as they do bellow, and it can actually be pretty frightening if you're unaccustomed to it at first, but the nice thing about it is that when they laughed their laughter filled the entire room and it made you laugh along with them. It could just be a regional thing however, I've only met about 7 of them from varying states.

Anonymous 1357

Anon, I live in the canton of Vaud! In Corseaux, to be exact. Moved from SE Asia. It's fucking BEAUTIFUL but expensive as hell. I'm the healthiest I've ever been here because beer/junk/fastfood costs a crazy amount. Weather isn't so bad: perfect summer weather imo, only gets harsh-ish in the winter, but not as terrible as it could be because of the microclimate Vaud creates with the lake in the middle. People are very closed off, but otherwise friendly enough. A little rude to foreigners (I'm East Asian-looking so lmao cards aren't in my favour sometimes), but whatever. There's not much to do tbh you really have to find fun for yourself. Best place for "young people" and finding stuff to do is definitely Lausanne. Practice your French. Otherwise, it's a reaaaal easy place to adapt to lmao don't worry about it.

sage for potential blog post lol good luck anon

Anonymous 6737

Man, am i late? lol Tysm for your useful and kind reply, anon! x

Saging this because I don't wanna bump an inactive thread just to say thank you heh.

Anonymous 19409

I went to Poland this year which was nice, very hot and I liked the history aspects. I’m hoping to go to America next year - we went to Florida last year and I loved it, we were thinking about California for next year. I’d also love to go to Italy - when I was in France last year we went for an afternoon, which just wasn’t enough. And I’m also really desperate to go to Japan.

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