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How do you deal with heat Anonymous 98152

I hate hot days so much. Global warming made summer like hell for me. These days the temperarure can get over 40°C where I live. 10 years ago the hottest days of the year were around 32°C.

How do people from southern countries even deal with the extreme heat?
What do you do to survive summer?

Anonymous 98354

>Doesnt know how to beat the heat
- cold showers
- low body fat
- loose clothes
- cool drinks with ice
- hot and spicy food
- a small room with an old TV in it so your room is constantly 28c all year round and the summer feels only slightly warmer than normal.

Anonymous 98400

I just take a quick shower when I feel grimy. Then have a fan blow me dry, usually makes me so cold I have to close the window. Keeps me cool for hours until I have to dress up or engage in physical activity

Anonymous 98769

it's winter here now but last summer i treated myself to a sauna session: i put on sweatpants and a sweater and sat in my room for a few minutes, then took a cold shower afterwards. It felt relaxing.
some other things i did to survive in the south american summer were taking 2-3 "cold" showers a day (more like one real shower and two short rinses), keeping a spray bottle with water and a few drops of lavender oil to spray it on me multiple times before sleeping and, more importantly, having a sturdy fan directed to me when sleeping.
If you can, drink like 3l of ice cold water a day.

Anonymous 98794

Get yourself an AC, this will only get worse.

Anonymous 98977

I literally do not deal with it. I just suffer and cry. Semi-cold showers are my only respite.

Anonymous 98978

>live in air conditioned house
>drive air conditioner car
>work in air conditioned office
I hated summer when I was younger because I'd be suffering at school, outdoors, on the bus etc but I'm fine with it as an adult with comfy living conditions. The only real struggle is at night because we can't afford to run air con literally 24/7 and it makes it hard to sleep.

Anonymous 99142

i stay inside all the time. I only go outside if its night. and whenever i feel too hot or sweaty, i take a cold shower then lay down in front of the fan. I wish i had an AC.
hot and spicy food? wouldnt that just make you hotter and sweaty?

Anonymous 99143

How hot does it get inside? Do you guys without acs live in first world countries?

Anonymous 99427

it gets warm inside because my house sucks and traps the heat for some reason. And i have an ac but it doesnt work. my mom is too lazy to buy a new one

Anonymous 100963


I’m going to try to destroy state-capitalism.
It’s the only way to start a reversal in greenhouse gases, carbon footprints etc.

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