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How do you guys feel about Ben and Jerry’s? Anonymous 98236

Anonymous 98237

>political libfag ice cream
>overpriced as hell
No thanks

Anonymous 98241


Anonymous 98243

Not left wing enough tbh, but I’ll admit it’s good. Milk and Cookies is my fav

Anonymous 98244

Ice cream/10, would eat again.

>she politicized ice cream
I literally would still eat ice cream if ten slaves had to be worked to death for every carton. Preferably moid slaves of course, but ice cream is ice cream.

Anonymous 98245

i agree but at least they're making dramatic weirdos shit their shorts with even just the piddly stances they take. it's pretty funny. they also do admittedly make good ice cream. they're not cheap with the add-ins like so many brands tend to be.

Anonymous 98262

Mediocre ice cream, I just make my own.

Anonymous 98342

Good stuff but I wait for it to go on sale.

Anonymous 98345

Consuming product to own the cels.

Anonymous 98347

Hello samefren, I hope you’re enjoying your time here (:

Anonymous 98349

I buy cheapo supermarket ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s is cool but I hate it when companies pretend to care about causes.

Anonymous 98356

>what is virtue signalling

Most of ben&Jerry consumers are liberal white women. Of course they want to pretend to care about political issues in order to get more profit from them.

Anonymous 98373

What did the ice cream men even do to cause this discussion

Anonymous 98374

A little expensive and has way too much sugar. It tastes good though.

Anonymous 98380

Do you really believe that the millionaire founders of an international ice cream business, that tries to sell ice cream in africa, are harmless hippies and not just ruthless capitalists?

Anonymous 98381

I guess there are some people like them, Steve Jobs saw himself as a techno-capitalist-hippie, this never stopped him from exploiting chinese factory workers though.

It feels very paradoxical when these self proclaimed hippie-companies are so extremely revenue-growth driven.

Anonymous 98392

How are they hurting their revenue by using BLM for advertisement?
Capitalists use a lot of unconventional avertisement nowadays, but it never stops them from being ruthless capitalists behind closed doors and in their mansions.

I'm not saying that I know they are evil, but I have seen a lot of examples of disingenuous capitalists, so I am always quite sceptical.

Anonymous 98393

It's good but expensive and it seems like it gets harder and harder to find flavors without chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is bogus and I'm allergic to it anyway, I could probably get allergy pills for it but it's gross so why bother.
There is a local creamery in my town and so if I want expensive ice cream I usually just go there. They have a very nice pecan praline and their sherbet is amazing. I am a big sherbet fan. There is a bakery that carries their stuff and they make their own waffle cones. To me that is some kino ice cream

Anonymous 98398

I bought that shit every month until I discovered Magnum makes better gimmick ice cream for a lower price. I still like them for popularizing ice cream with very little ice cream in it.

Anonymous 98414

Well there have been some stories of hippies, who got corrupted by capitalism.
Steve Jobs is seen as a hippie, who got corrupted by capitalism (or maybe he just never cared about equality that much, even in his 60s hippie phase).
The fact that they haven't sold their company speaks for them. But I doubt that any capitalist company of that size will still follow their founders vision in a few decades after they have died.
Patagonia seems pretty genuine, especially since their niche is centered around environmentalism.
But I'm personally more of a supporter of governmental regulation than consumers making ethical choices. It can get quite complicated, once a lot of stances come into the mix, that have nothing to do with the production of the product.
That myPillow guy seems genuinly mad. I don't think that a niche for pro-Trump pillows makes sense in the long run. The same for Chick-Fil-A, they will hardly advocate for christianity, once they're expanding into muslim countries. There are even some parts of the USA, where the number of theists is so low, that it doesn't make any sense.
Btw, I just read that B&J's got sold to Unilever in 2000, one of the most evil conglomerates in the world, so I guess this company is entirely evil after all.
I don't trust this one Unilever brand, standing besides 1000s of other Unilever brands in the supermarket, to have a radically different stance from their profit driven owner, just because they have a smart marketing department.
Also it seems like they are operating in the United Arab Emerates, so they certainly can't be pro-democracy in that country. And this will presumably only get worse, once they expand into more and more countries. Their advertisement is already omnipresent in my european country.

Anonymous 98424

Corporations are not your friends, corporations are not your enemies. Corporations just want your money in any legal way they can obtain it.

Anonymous 98450

>they're being called antisemetic
Well if they double down on that I know an imageboard that will buy all of their icecream for the rest of their lives

Anonymous 98453

lol so are all companies required to export their product to Israel, that sounds like the start of a weird jew joke tbh

Anonymous 98456

kind of. ben and jerrys has a factory in israel already and they're actually only not selling in occupied territory, not all of israel. but anyways texas and florida politicians are losing it and are trying to institute "sanctions" against b&js now under the claim that they're violating state law by "discriminating" against israel.

Anonymous 98473

What if it's not enough profitable there, why it has to be antisemitic… That's retarded

Anonymous 101622

I don't care about their politics if my favorite product cant be found elsewhere. I still haven't found a better strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

Anonymous 101631

Because they're specifically selling in the tiny part of Israel that isn't Israel and is instead Palestine. It actually is antisemitic because Ben & Jerry's does this on purpose, they're an openly far left company and the far left is often anti-semitic because they view Palestinians as their victims and victims are always right.

Anonymous 101642

bad post

Anonymous 101732

embarrassing politics, cringeowrthy activism and expensive but shit it tastes good.

Anonymous 101758

Had it just a few days ago. Damn still the best icecream available at the supermarket here. Don't care about the politics. If I stop buying Ben & Jerry it'll be because it's an Unilever brand and Unilever is basically a crime against humanity but I only purchase it like two times a year tops so eh.

Anonymous 101808

I get my icecream from Mcdonald's fren

Anonymous 101811


I don't care about them. This one is my favorite.

Anonymous 101827

I always liked how it tastes like plus they made Israel seethe recently so yeah, I like it.

Anonymous 101844

Too expensive for how small the tubs are, the ice-cream itself is also a bit too rich for my tastes. I can get nicer ice-cream in bigger tubs and for cheaper.

Anonymous 101905

they make the best dairy free ice cream on the market!

Anonymous 102139

neutral since they ceased operations in the illegal settlements

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