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Anonymous 98491

How do you feel about the concept of "weakness as virtue"? Is someone good just because they never have the opportunities to do bad things to people?

Anonymous 98493

You cannot be good without the capacity to do evil, which typically involves imposing yourself on someone you have leverage over. Look at meek shy boys that flip a switch the moment they get a gf they have power over. How exactly can you be good when all it takes is a taste of power for your deprived mind to do a 180?

Anonymous 98494

In that case, a lot of board users here bemoan men being inclined to commit horrible actions, are the moids who could but don't then morally superior to a woman who doesn't even get a choice?

I only ask because there's a uninamous agreement that moids are evil, but quoting you
>You cannot be good without the capacity to do evil
What are the implications of this statement?

Anonymous 98501

>Women also have the choice to rape
Really? An average woman gets the same number of opportunities to rape someone as an average moid does?

Anonymous 98502

Nah, good and evil is about intent, just because you’re too powerless or incompetent to successfully do all the evil things you plan on doing doesn’t mean you’re a good person and not having the ability to do good because you don’t have the power to, no money for charity for example, doesn’t suddenly mean you’re a bad person

Anonymous 98504

If it was that easy why aren't more moids doing it?

Anonymous 98505

If you believe society is sexist then you believe men in general have more power than women which they can then abuse, like for example via rape. You’re also ignoring how the majority of rape happens, the rapist doesn’t just drive down to a pre-k with a gun and then go to town, what usually happens is that the rapist is in a position where they have the leverage i.e power to rape someone without suffering consequences. Think a boss threatening to fire his employee unless she has sex with him or straight up forcing her with the knowledge she won’t accuse him because she’s afraid to lose her job. Women very rarely have this power

Anonymous 98507

Moids are just walking into preschools and raping preschoolers?

Anonymous 98509

I'm well aware that pedophiles exist, I just didn't think the procedure was.
>wake up
>walk into preschool
>abduct child
I would think it's a bit more difficult.

Anonymous 98512

If they could just walk into a preschool and abduct a child why go to all that effort though?

Anonymous 98514

It sounds to me like those consequences are far easier to bear than all this planning nonsense.

Anonymous 98515

And are men less likely to face consequences for rape than women?

Anonymous 98522

>White moids, especially conservative ones, are the prototrannies.
Now I'm going to take a long walk but tonight I want to discuss this with you anons.

Anonymous 98655

someone weak can be "good" in a sense of not being able to actively hurt others, but they still can be rotten inside. there are a ton of weak ppl with violent revenge fantasies - their inability to actualize those dreams irl doesnt stop them from having them (one could even say that it fuels them). like "goodness" is not a verb - its not an action, but a personal characteristic, so you cant really measure it by person deeds alone (some ppl can do good things for self-serving purposes or do bad things because ends justify the means). though i think such a thing as "prosperity as a virtue" exists, ie if a person doesnt need to worry about their wellbeing and they dont face any struggles then they are very likely to be "kind", simply because they dont lose anything by prioritizing other ppl besides themselves and if they were put in dog-eat-dog situation they wouldnt posess kind character anymore - ie their goodness is not truthful but depends on the context.
ps: this idea is explained good here https://feministvalkyrie.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/on-nice-blokes-and-why-the-happy-person-isnt-always-the-nice-person/

Anonymous 103264

Weakling cope. It is not impressive or commendable to act ‘properly’ when one has no capacity to act any other way, be it due to internal or external reasons. But, it is noble and laudable to be able to and be ready mentally to fuck over others, exploit them, and transgress social boundaries, and yet not do so.
On top of that, there is no use in being ‘good’ when one cannot act it out. Russians say, ‘Good has to have fists,’ and they are absolutely correct in that. Virtue and goodness are in actions, not thoughts.

Anonymous 103289

I agree.

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