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Anonymous 98598

Why are girls behind anime avatars able to harness so much money from m*ids?

Anonymous 98619

Some moids seem to believe that If you like something that they also like (especially anime) you're a match.

They also seem believe that you're also as attractive as your avatar.

The worst part is the fact that most girls with anime avatars are underage and they don't seem to care.

Anonymous 98651

because autism - men judge women with attractive avatars more positive than they judge women with unattractive ones (even if the attractive face is drawn or not hers)

Anonymous 98664

These VTubers are literally treated like camgirls by their producers.
Once one of them stops pressing enough money out of their moid viewers, their character gets cancelled and you never hear of her again.
There have been multiple instances of this already.

Anonymous 99147

Men love the idea of us, distilled down to its most aesthetic, cripplingly feminine and saccharine. A perfect woman would be one that per definition is so much sexual object that she is sterile, that cannot live because all of her bodily functions elicit male disgust. Vtubers are this idea, they are le kawaii gf ideal, but not dead– the fantasy lives and moves. It's interactive anime. It's Greer's female eunuch. It's degeneracy.

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