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Anonymous 98934

does any one here have any tips on how to fix internalized misogyny?

I've noticed that i take women less seriously than men, even when they behave the same :(

Anonymous 98947

just read bits of the scum manifesto anon

Anonymous 98963

I have a copy of the SCUM manifesto of you want me to post pictures of the pages in this thread for you

Anonymous 98970


>seeing the sex that commits the vast majority of rapes and murders as the “logical sex”

Anonymous 98995

Hang out in primarily male spaces online.

Anonymous 99005

>Hang out in primarily male spaces online.
this, and if you've had the misfortune of having to be present in these spaces in real life it will make you wake up very quickly. took a class related to tech and was disgusted the things i saw and heard everyday

Anonymous 99127

there's no logic in men's homicidal behavior. if you think there is, you're reaching to lowkey cape.

Anonymous 99130

>"cleansing the society from filth"

Literally Taxi Driver tier argument, people who think that way just want to unload for any excuse

Anonymous 99138

Well female spaces like women's sports clubs with a range of character of women may help you feel more connected to your fellow woman. We're all products of what's around us, and toxicity doesn't come from no where, so if one woman bugs you it's not because woman=bad, but maybe she's responding to external input if that makes sense. Society teaches us to hate each other and compete. But sisterhood such as in a team should teach you otherwise. Also this >>98995 women can be petty, but men behaving badly are so much worse

Anonymous 99195

>find murder more logical
For me it's more like genocide of one particular population :). But, anon, rape is illogical (and moid choice of murder victims too - the most logical murder to commit in their case would be suicide), so >>98970 's argument still makes sense.

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