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Anonymous 99228

Are you supposed to chew rice before you swallow it?

I was eating rice today and realised it was the only part of the dish that I don't chew. I put it in my mouth (half a forkful) and then just swallow it.

Is that ok?

Anonymous 99229

Yes, you're supposed to chew rice.

Anonymous 99232

Rice is completely perfect and delicious so it is understandable to swallow it whole with a starving passion. But yeah generally you're supposed to chew all solid food at least a little. Saliva has enzymes in it that will help break down carbs, and the physical act of chewing makes it easier for your stomach and intestines to process.

Savor the flavor! Put a few forkfuls in your mouth at once and chomp down, the mouthfeel of rice is sublime.

Anonymous 99234


Anonymous 99236

OP here. Ok so not only am I learning that rice has to be chewed, but I have to wash it too??

Anonymous 99237

Do people eat plain rice too? I've only ever eaten rice with some gravy or fried rice. Plain rice tastes like nothing.

Anonymous 99238

Yellow and brown rice are nice eaten plain. White rice with salt is amazing.

Anonymous 99240

I love fragrant rice. Smelly rice good.

Anonymous 99263

maybe rice is just more trouble than its worth

Anonymous 99304

Are you cooking it with too much water like a porridge?? I don't quite understand how you could even swallow properly cooked rice comfortably without chewing it- it'd stick to your throat? It's 1 part rice, 2 parts water, a little less water if you are cooking basmati or jasmine rice.

And no, you don't have to wash the rice before cooking it, it removes nutrients when you do it. It just makes the rice stickier like the kind you get in Asian restaurants.

Anonymous 99319

I'm able to swallow it whole because I always cook rice in some kind of sauce, like curry. I don't normally eat plain rice but I'm probably going to try and see if I chew it

Anonymous 99332

Am I equally deranged for chewing yogurt?

Anonymous 99357

Put water in it, swish it, drain the water slightly (don't strain it just pour a lil water out), then add more water. Like a half wash.

I'm just impressed that you CAN chew yogurt.

Anonymous 99383

I eat rice all the time and I rarely wash it before cooking - maybe it's just me, but it doesn't really make any difference for me

Anonymous 99387


white rice with salt, black pepper, butter and a pinch of cumin or curry powder

Anonymous 99456

depends on the person lol sometimes i wash it sometimes i dont due to laziness. doesn't make a difference.

>always wondered why my rice was so starchy and messy to cook

Maybe theres a problem with how much you put water? Try the thing where asians measure the water with the lines of their fingers always works out

Anonymous 100169

I don't think it's about the taste. Rice contains a lot of arsenic so you need to wash it to remove some.

Anonymous 100198

never got this 'you must wash rice' meme until i got some cheap rice/needed to make fried rice. imo it depends on the recipe/source of rice

Anonymous 100213

This. If I'm just having it by itself, I wash my rice since I feel like it has a better texture. I usually don't wash brown rice though.

Anonymous 100289

i dont even chew meat. i just cut it into tiny pieces and swallow it.

do snakes chew their food? do wolves? do cats? only masticating animals like cows chew their food obsessively.

Anonymous 100290

retarded bait. you chew meat and other foods to better get their flavor. imagine just swallowing a grape. bitch

Anonymous 100292

Chewing food aids digestion. I have 2 cats. One always chews his food and digests it easily, the other sometimes doesn't chew and often throws up unchewed food. I'm pretty sure wolves chew their food, as well. Animals like cows don't just chew their food, they chew their cud as well. That's the difference between them and animals like cats or wolves.

Anonymous 101578

How…. do you even manage to not chew your food? You don't get anything out of the flavor when you don't chew and your chances of choking go through the roof !

Anonymous 101587

Screenshot from 20…

Enjoy atrophying your mandible

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