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Anonymous 99720

Have you ever screwed up with someone and obsessed over looking what happened to that person's life?

Anonymous 99721


I recently got a date from a guy I was with, I finished with why he was very demonstrative and didn't know how to deal with my inability to show affection.

Anonymous 99723


Since then I have been obsessed with it, is it normal or do I need help?

Anonymous 99726

You need to move on.

Anonymous 99728

Are you… posting his pictures on here?

Anonymous 99735

If this is the case, OP is very mentally unwell. It's normal to feel upset about a lost relationship, but it's not normal to post pictures of somebody you know for strangers in an internet forum.

Anonymous 99748

Moids do it constantly.

Anonymous 99754

This is just further proof that doing it makes you mentally unwell

Anonymous 99812

lmao this n-word looks gay af

Anonymous 103114

Yes. I cannot stop thinking about them. But I'm mentally ill.

Anonymous 103136

"Other people do it so it is okay if I do it" are the words of someone with no true morals

Anonymous 103185

both mentally unwell and has incredibly bad taste kek

Anonymous 103236

nobody thinks you have good taste or your basket in order bashing low-hanging fruit and writing like that "kek"

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