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Anonymous 99745

I low-key judge women who use roastie. I know a lot are doing it ironically to mock incel beliefs, but I still dislike it. Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 99767

I hate it too.
Also hate the young lesbians using the word “gay” for themselves. They’re not gay, they’re lesbian.

Anonymous 99772

Are you 12

Anonymous 99777

gay woman.png

Anonymous 99835

Lesbians are literally gay. Also, I rarely even hear young women call themselves gay anymore, it's always "queer", which is what I find annoying.

Anonymous 99901

No, she is just based

Anonymous 99904

Btw you are right, anon. Homosexual men =/= homosexual women, it must be shown in the language used to describe them. i know what I am going to say will sound like giga-autismo but hear me out Using "gay" to describe both would be ok, if homosexual males had their own name like homosexual women rn do. But currently it's just androcentrism - the word that refers to males is neutral and can be used for both sexes (gay), but the word that is used for females is niche (lesbian). The only way to fix that is to make "gay" a male-only descriptor, not an universal one. It must be obvious that we have nothing with them in common (I am bi, but I still would like to be differentiated from bi-males, they are just too different from female bisexuals).

Anonymous 100028


I'm sorry, OP, but I use that word, because the concept itself is just too ridiculous for me to take seriously. It's on the same level of "I don't know how sex works" as stomach inflation through sperm in hentais or rule34 images. It doesn't make sense. It's how virgins think anatomy works.

Anonymous 100050

I appreciate it for being a good litmus test. Outs both incels and wokescolds.

Anonymous 100112

No. The 12 year olds are going to be identifying themselves as male homosexuals. I’m middle aged and remember a time before PC and IDpol shit
(Far leftist)

Disgusting corruption of the word origins. Lesbian is a homosexual woman. When’s the last time you heard male homosexuals call each other lesbians or lezbos?

The q word is also annoying. “Undecided allies. Would fug tra**ies” I don’t gove fuck. Also added them before intersex peeps. Fucking weird and wrong. /rant

>if homosexual males had their own name like homosexual women rn do
They do! It’s “gay”. The neutral word is the scientific word “homosexual”. Slang neutral word is “homo”
I sympathize about the bi-girl thing though. I once thought the q word was something bisexuals wanted to use, but it turns out it was just the purple haired Hillary voters

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